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Urgehal - Goatcraft Torment
“This is satanic black metal” is the first line you hear when you press the 'play' button. Well, that comes in handy; now I don’t have to analyse the genre of this album.
If they wouldn’t have started with that line, it would be quite obvious the music Urgehal plays is black metal. The first riff of the cd couldn’t convince me. It reminded me of a guitar lick of Akercocke, but after 1:45 minutes a very nice and catchy Satyricon- or Carpathian Forest- like riff falls in. Damn, what a great riff, I wish I had long hair.

The second song, called ‘Risus Sardonius ‘ begins with a fast blasting riff and after a while there it is again… A fucking catchy headbanging Satyricon-riff. And just when you start to think they won't be able to play any faster… you’re wrong. I guess Urgehal wants to convert the listener to Satanism as soon as possible.

‘Antireligios’ is a song I really like. It’s fast, and fast, and has some real awesome killer riffs.
The next song begins with a marsh-like riff. It’s funny because I immediately pictured a death marsh in my head, and when I took a look a the booklet for the title it said ‘Dødsmarsj Til Helvete’. I was right! This song is also the slowest song on the album but then, that doesn’t mean it is a slow song!

The band must have thought they had to speed up again, so the next song begins with a real nice blasting thrash riff. Again a great song, überfast blasting parts combined with some catchy riffs, just awesome.

I really can recommend this cd to any metalhead who is into black metal like Marduk, Immortal, Carpathian Forest and Satyricon. The production and the compositions are great. You won’t hear anything new, that's for sure but Goatcraft Torment is worth your money!
Urgehal - Goatcraft Torment
90/1001Details Agonia Records
Released on Thursday Sep 14th, 2006
Black metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Sep 25th, 2006

Tags: #Urgehal
Tracklisting 1. Goatcraft Torment
2. Risus Sardonius
3. Antireligi�s
4. D�dsmarsj Til Helvete
5. Satanic Black Metal In Hell
6. Nefastus Nex Necis
7. Gathered Under The Horns
8. Selvmordssalme
9. Sentiment Of Chaos
10. Et Steg N�rmere Lucifer
Line up Nefas - guitars, vocals
Enzifer - guitar
Shregroth - bass
Uruz - drums