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Urgehal - The Eternal Eclipse
15 Years ago Urgehal was born. 15 years of black metal. Time for an anniversary album.
After some demo's, an EP, some splits and 5 full-length albums, Urgehal thought the time had come to release an anniversary album and I agree on that. After all those years they are worthy of releasing an album like that. 

So what can we expect? Greatest hits? Fortunately not, it includes three unreleased tracks from the Goatcraft Torment session, their last album. But what is the reason these very nice songs weren't on Goatcraft Torment? I guess it wasn't because they weren't good enough, perhaps they saw their 15th anniversary coming. Also two songs of the Demonrape EP are included which were recorded during the Through Thick Fog Till Death session, again some very nice and strong songs.
Then there is a complete new song, recorded this February. It's nothing new, you recognise the music within seconds. Actually Urgehal never really changed their style drastically like some bands do. Of course the quality of the productions were getting better through the years, but the rawness stayed. So is it a band thing this new track isn't refreshing? Well not for me, I really like this raw simple groovy black metal.

The last two tracks are songs of the Arma Christi album.'The Eternal Eclipse' is a re-recording and 'Bloodhunt' is a rehearsal recording of 1995. The quality of the recording is very crappy, but if you listen just to the music you'll hear a strong raw black metal song that kicks ass. But should it be on an anniversary album? I say yes, because that is also part of their history.
What more to say? If you are into raw black metal you definitely should check this one out and the true Urgehal fans shouldn't even doubt.
Urgehal - The Eternal Eclipse
75/1001Details Agonia Records
Released on Sunday Apr 22nd, 2007
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday May 23rd, 2007

Tags: #Urgehal
Tracklisting 01. Guds Fortapelse - Apenbaring Av Dommedag
02. The Moors of Death
03. We Are Unholy
04. Demonrape
05. Serpent Messiah
06. Nekromisantrop
07. Veadtuck
08. The Eternal Eclipse
09. Bloodhunt
Line up Urgehal anno 2007

Trond Nefas – vocals, leadguitar
Enzifer – guitar
Uruz – drums
Mannevond - bass