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Qntal - Silver Swan
I consider Buzzin Hornet is a dear colleague and friend. However, describing Qntal as classical metal is a serious mistake. This three-member band should be described as a darkwave/electronic gothic act, if that does ring any bells. Silver Swan is the fifth album with the very logical second title; Qntal V.
Do not expect any heavy guitars, distortion or anything like that from this band. The only connection at first sight might be the gothic-like vocals. However, merely mentioning that would underrate the quality of the band. The strength of Qntal lies in the tenderness and the ambience the three musicians are able to create with a minimum of sound, strongly guided by the classical, opera-voice of Syrah and some medieval instruments.
In my opinion, it is a bad thing to listen to just a few songs of Silver Swan, because the album is more something life a journey than individual stops along the road. Of course, there are some highlights worth mentioning, like Falling Star where the band shows their most tenderness sides and Altas Undaz which make you want to fall in love with the most beautiful girl you’ve ever met, but the sound is too much the same during the entire 53 minutes to really distinguish any differences. Maybe it’s like someone watching sleeping. He or she you’re observing is in a constant state of resting but the moves a little. Maybe you even here some sounds coming out of his or her mouth, but overall, there is this lovely, calm ambience.
Qntal has done a great job in creating a very special album. More than before, the band has showed a dark site of making electronic music which makes you feel like being in some kind of a trance. Do you know that feeling when you dive under water and everything is dimmed? At that time, you feel like being separated from the outside world and that only the experiences you encounter at that moment are important. That is Qntal, that is Silver Swan. And that’s what you should witness at the 14th of October at the W2 venue in Den Bosch.  
Qntal - Silver Swan
82/1001Details Wave Records
Released on Friday Aug 25th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Sep 25th, 2006

Tags: #Qntal
Tracklisting 1. Monsieur's Departure
2. Levis
3. Falling Star
4. Von Den Elben
5. Lingua Mendax
6. Altas Undaz
7. Winter
8. Amis Raynaut
9. The Wave
10. The Whyle
11. Silver Swan
Line up Syrah (Sigrid Hausen)
Michael Popp
Philipp Groth