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Twelve Tribes - Midwest Pandemic
I first came to discover this band two years ago. Back then they released an album called The Rebirth Of Tragedy. Although not one of my top favorites, definitely a decent album I appreciate every time I hear it. They toured Europe together with 36 Crazyfists when I first saw them live. A very nice show it was! Now Twelve Tribes is back with a new full length. Midwest Pandemic it is called and the band is ready to tour the US, UK and Europe for the coming 2 years. Bring it on TT!
The first thing I notice is the huge step forward this band has made between this and their previous album. They’ve really grown into their typical style but managed to improve it big time. One of the surprises in their music are the blastbeats. Something I’d never expected from these guys. As for the vocals; they’re more varied this time. Adam definitely explores his own boundaries on this album and I think that only contributes to the variety of the album.
On the other hand Twelve Tribes has its own unique style which is mainly created by Adam’s vocals and the typical use of the instruments. I mean, if you know their previous album (The Rebirth Of Tragedy) you only need to hear two notes from a song of this album to recognize the style. Not a bad thing, ‘cause I can only appreciate bands that kinda stick to their own style. For some reason though, I sometimes loose a little concentration because the use of that typical style. I think there could just be some more songs on the album like ‘History Versus The Pavement’, which is a great song that tends to be a bit more experimental than the thing we’re used to hear from the band.
If you liked their previous album. I don’t doubt the fact you’ll like this one as well. If you’re not familiar with Twelve Tribes yet; think metalcore but with a unique twist to it.
Twelve Tribes - Midwest Pandemic
75/1001Details Ferret Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 3rd, 2006

Writer @Boek on Thursday Sep 28th, 2006

Tags: #Twelve Tribes
Tracklisting 01. National Amnesia
02. Muzzle Order
03. Televangelist
04. Pagan Self Portrait
05. History Versus The Pavement
06. Monarch Of Dreams
07. Librium
08. Verona
09. The Nine Year Tide
10. Midwest Pandemic
11. The Recovery: In Three Parts;

I. God Bless You, Good Thief
II. Towers And Vectors
III. Bridge TO The Sun
Line up Adam Jackson - Vocals
Andrew Corpus - Guitar
Kevin Schindel - Guitar
Matt Tackett - Bass
Shane Shook - Drums