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Twelve Tribes - The Rebirth Of Tragedy
This time a review to go back in time and look forward for what is to come. The next couple of weeks Twelve Tribes is going to tour Europe, supporting 36 Crazyfists. Metalrage knows this band but we want to know even more. That is why we are reviewing this album right now, almost one year after the release of the Ferret Records debut. Let us see what they gave the public back then.
The music Twelve Tribes put on their album can be described as a combination of thrash metal and hardcore, also knows as Metalcore. Many bands are into this genre lately and almost every band adds clean vocals into their music; Twelve Tribes is a band that uses some clean vocals here and there but the music continues. A lot of the bands that use clean vocals let the music go soft as well; Twelve Tribes keeps the rhythm and power in their music during these clean parts. Besides that they are using various other genres to give their sound a new boost. For example in the song Luma you can hear a completely new type of vocals, it can be compared with the vocals from 40 Below Summer.
The extreme mixing of various styles and using high sounds of the guitar Twelve Tribes creates their own sound. Besides that there is no slow love song or something like that. This gives the album a constant power boost.
The promo edition of this album only contains a cardboard sleeve so I can only describe the front of the album. The album contains some kind of religious creature with a cross and a rosary. In the background there is a strange city with a strange orange, red and brown light above it. This makes it look like the city is on fire. Original and interesting but I want to ask the band what gave them this idea because there has to be a story.
The bio says the band has worked on this album for two years. That makes you curious if they can do this again in a shorter period of time. Let’s hope so because this album makes me want to go to the show in Amsterdam even more. The aggression Twelve Tribes uses in their music is something you have to experience, no review can convince you this album blows you away.
Line Up:
- Adam Jackson - Vocals
- Andrew Corpus - Guitar
- Kevin Schindel - Guitar
- Matt Tackett - Bass
- Shane Shook - Drums
Track Listing:
1 Post Replica
2 Baboon Music
3 Translation Of Fixes
4 Venus Complex
5 Backburner
6 Chroma
7 The Train Bridge
8 Godshaped War
9 Luma
10 Flight Of The Pathogen