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Mushroomhead - Savior Sorrow
Mushroomhead are the pioneers in “art metal” and are at the forefront of this scene. Combining masks with theatrics and a combination of rock and metal, the band creates epic albums that appeal to metal, goth and rock fans. Savior Sorrow continues this tradition, but with a stronger rock sensibility.
Well good for this band that it’s a leading one in the scene of ‘art metal’ but that term doesn’t really ring any bell here. Though I do agree on the fact that their music will appeal to lots of people out there. The comparison with Slipknot, Tool and even Disturbed can easily be made without actually saying this music isn’t attractive anymore ‘cause it has been done so much more. Listen to the song ‘Just Pretending’ for example, the vocals remind me a lot of Tool, and in a good way. I am aware of the ‘fight’ that has been going on for years between the Mushroomhead-camp and the Slipknot-camp but I actually don’t give a damn about who was the first one to wear masks or make this kind of music. they both rock! And someone who likes one of these band must like the other as well. I’m very sure about that.
Well, as you already guessed, this music reminds me a lot of Slipknot, Tool and Disturbed. Every now and then, some Korn sounds pass by as well. Which may sounds like an unoriginal album but it’s not. Just think of all the best things the bands mentioned above create and put those together. You’ll get Mushroomhead
The good thing on this album is, that there’s lots of different songs. There’s faster, more metal-oriented songs, without really nasty screaming though. And there’s slower songs like for example Slipknot’s ‘Circle’. Actually there’s not much more to say than that this band will definitely appeal to fans of Slipknot and Tool. Yes, it’s a bit different but in some way you can easily relate to those bands when listening to Mushroomhead. Don’t be stupid, give it a try and check out for yourself if I’m right about this album. Same kind of music, different band. Good stuff!
Mushroomhead - Savior Sorrow
75/1001Details Megaforce
Released on Tuesday Sep 19th, 2006
Art Metal

Writer @Boek on Saturday Sep 30th, 2006

Tags: #Mushroomhead
Tracklisting 1. 12 Hundred (3:21)
2. Simple Survival (3:15)
3. Damage Done (3:41)
4. Save Us (3:47)
5. Tattoo (4:08)
6. Erase The Doubt (4:16)
7. Burn (2:53)
8. Just Pretending (4:12)
9. The Need (4:56)
10. Cut Me (5:24)
11. The Fallen (4:22)
12. Embrace The Ending (4:56)
Line up Waylon - Vocals
Jeffrey Nothing - Vocals
Gravy - Guitar
Pig Benis - Bass
Skinny - Drums
Shmotz Keyboards
Stitch - Samples