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Type O Negative - The Best Of
Okay, so Roadrunner is releasing a whole lot of 'best of'-albums, and of course Type O Negative could not be forgotten. So here we go, with twelve of the band’s best tracks, showcasing an impressive 15-year lasting career.
Of course we start off in their deepest roots, with the track ‘Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity’. I can sing ‘I know you’re fucking someone else’ all day, even just for fun. We are guided to the less doomy but just as depressive tracks like ‘Cristian Woman’ and ‘Black No.1’ and already you can see that this band embarks on a huge musical journey. The difference in applying the instruments varies a lot throughout all the albums, especially Peter Steele’s vocals are a good example of that. And although a track like ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Me’ must have shocked most old-skool fans for its commercial appeal, they have always been as depressive and dark as they started out. They've just changed the tempo and the sound of it from time to time.
Now to be honest, this is the first TON release I have, but already it tastes like more. I’ve always said Peter should never have quit Carnivore (and I still feel so), but I underestimated the musical  talent that lingers in Type O Negative. They’ve been doing this for fifteen years with only one line-up change (drums) in seven albums. Their horrible guitar sound and sexual orientated lyrics combined with a sinister sense of humour and a masterful voice will probably entertain us for the next fifteen years to come.
Well, I wouldn’t say it’s a must have for the fans, even though it contains their covers of Neil Young’s ‘Cinnamon Girl’ and Deep Purple’s ‘Highway Star’, but it is definitely a great way to start out listening to this band. Negative can be positive!
Type O Negative - The Best Of
No ScoreDetails Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 26th, 2006
doom metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Oct 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Type O Negative
Tracklisting 1. Unsuccesfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity
2. Christian Women
3. Black No. 1
4. Too Late: Frozen
5. Love You To Death
6. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
7. Cinnamon Girl
8. Everyone I Love Is Dead
9. Everything Dies
10. Highway Star
11. I Don't Wanna Be Me
12. Life Is Killing Me
Line up Peter Steele - vocals, bass, guitar, keys
Kenny Hickey - guitar, vocals
Josh Silver - keyboards, vocals
Johnny Kelly - drums, vocals
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