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Cantara - A Moment To Reconsider
Cantara is a new band with familiar musicians, namely Jens and Mats on guitar from Autumn. What I find interesting about this album is the fact that the lyrics refer to alchemy and science-fiction which is a pretty unique combination if you ask me. So, before listening to the records I thought this band might have something interesting to offer.
The music of this band actually speaks for itself. If I say that you hear a combination of death-/speed-/thrash metal with some melodic influences that is exactly what you get. Nothing more and nothing less. And although the vocals do not please met at all (they sound like that weirdo in Wishmaster movies) 'Shattered Glass’ is a fine, fast and technical song with a lot of interesting things to listen to and lots of variation. All kinds of emotional levels of heavy metal are included with such an amount of quality that it’s a fine piece to listen to.
Highlight of the album is the fourth song ‘Hunter #4’ which begins with a fast riff, followed by an über-cool jazzy tune which makes you stop doing everything you’re doing at that particular time. You just have to focus on the music in this song. The characteristics of this song; it’s pretty long, the brutal vocals are pretty bad as well as the clean vocals and technically there’s a lot to look for. These characteristics are actually the same on the entire album which will lead to a conclusion that if these characteristics are your thing, this album should be yours already. Even for others, Cantara might be a nice surprise.
However, there is still one thing I’d like to mention, which is the production. I understood that the album was produced by the band itself, but it has not been worked out well. The sound is very straight, one-dimensional and thus a bit empty. I do not know whether there was chosen for this concept on purpose or that it was a lack of money but the fact is that a lot of bands with less quality have made better albums, just because of the sound. And that’s a pity because listening to A Moment To Reconsider really has the potential to become a moment…….indeed!
Cantara - A Moment To Reconsider
72/1001Details Universal Music
Released on Wednesday Oct 4th, 2006
Heavy Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Oct 4th, 2006

Tags: #Cantara
Tracklisting 1. Shattered Glass
2. Algebra and Alchemy
3. Stars for Guidance
4. Hunter #4
5. A tenfold Loss to Triple Powers
6. Molten Minds
7. The Silent Clouds
8. The 500, The Remembered
Line up Mats van der Valk: bass&lead vocals
Pascal Grevinga: guitars
Jens van der Valk: guitars&vocals
Chris Oldenburger: drums