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Wuthering Heights - The Shadow Cabinet
Wuthering Heights has already made a fourth album. Some people think having that number of full-lengths means a band has truly settled themselves and I am one of them. In this case, I don’t think we have to mention the ehm, not-so-well-chosen band name and focus on the product instead. Because after all; Wuthering Heights was able to improve their products over the previous albums continuously.
This album is a blast!!! Fans of the genre know what I mean when I compare the sound and production with Rhapsody of Fire, but in a slightly different theme. And for those of you who do not know; that means an incredible production. This is not comparable to the sound of metalcore for instance. Let me explain why.
First of all, the songwriting is great. That means that there are a lot of dimensions, little sounds on the background, which makes the album more a total experience than different melodies on every single song. The traditional flutes, orchestral influences and samples are being used to give you an opportunity to imagine a whole story of your own, without any annoying sounds. And of course, the traditional changes in heaviness, tenderness and quietness are present to accentuate different emotions.
My personal songs on The Shadow Cabinet are ‘The Raven’ and ‘Envy’ but I would consider myself as a dick if I would not mention the ‘Apathy Divine’ project, divided into two songs. You know what; just forget about the several songs. Downloading only a small percentage of this disk should be considered a crime, just do yourself a favor and get the whole piece of music. That’s the only way in which I think you should be aware of this record. 
Maybe I haven’t been that much in detail this time but, in my opinion, Wuthering Heights has done something really special. They’ve come closest to one of my personal heroes in the genre than I’ve ever seen before. With this material, the band couldn’t have done a better job. Maybe the songwriting is not that special all of the time, but if my Italian fans allow me to, I’d say the second film score metal band ever has just stood up!
Wuthering Heights - The Shadow Cabinet
82/1001Details Locomotive Records
Released on Monday Oct 9th, 2006
Power Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Oct 9th, 2006

Tags: #Wuthering Heights
Tracklisting 1. Demon Desire (5:18)
2. Beautifool (5:02)
3. The Raven (4:47)
4. Faith - Apathy Divine Part I (8:13)
5. Envy (6:41)
6. Snow - Apathy Divine Part II (5:48)
7. Sleep (4:45)
8. I Shall Not Yield (6:40)
9. Reason ... ? (0:31)
10. Carpe Noctem - Seize The Night (7:47)
Line up Erik Ravn : guitar, keyboards, mandolin, narration, backing vocals
Nils Patrik Johansson :all lead vocals, backing vocals
Morten Gade S�rensen : drums, percussion, backing vocals
Andreas Lindahl : keyboards, backing vocals
Martin Arendal : guitar
Teddy "Dr.M�ller" M�ller : bass