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Godiva - Godiva
Godiva originally started as a heavy metal cover band, but decided that it was time to write some own material. As they were a cover band, I�m a little sceptical about this record, will it be something sight blinding, or will it just be a rip-off when they try to imitate their heroes. A noteworthy fact is that Godiva originates from Switzerland, a land that doesn�t produce that many metalbands. Now for the music, the record starts with The Gate, an intro that doesn�t promise that much, however it�s finely followed by the track Razorblade Romantic. A high pitched scream raises my neck hairs and GODDAMN what an irritable voice. I�m not a hater of high pitched vocals, and my balls are NOT getting up because of this, but hell�.. you can overdo it. The music is not very inspiriting, as the riffs are stolen from Judas Priest. I don�t know if it�s funny to make up song titles that are so fucking clich� but Godiva make a sport of it. Heavy Metal Thunder is the next song, which does actually sound very cool because of the nice opening riff with a high headbang level. The vocals are a bit lower, as we know from Rob Halford, and it�s obvious who are the great gods for Godiva. I�m almost through this review, as I cannot tell you much about it. There aren�t really any songs that are worth mentioning because of the low originality. The songs I did like were Where Angels Die and Bullshit Lover, for the cool Rock & Roll influence in this song. Godiva matched my foretelling, just another band that tries to sound like their gods and not putting in any true spirit. The songs are all of a good quality, and the music is played neatly, but the originality is just so fucking low that it could easily pass for a Judas Priest album, however it would be a blame on the discography for Priest. I won�t push this album through horseshit though, as they are, after all, musicians who tried their best ( I hope). Surely a heavy metal fan will like this album, and if you don�t mind the low originality you�ll probably find it very amusing. I will play this record again sometime, but only when I truly find the need to cool of my brains of something like that, just give me the original Judas Priest stuff. Track List: 1: The Gate 2: Razorblade Romantic 3: Heavy Metal Thunder 4: One Shot 5: Nightmare 6: Cold Blood 7: Where Angels Die 8: Riding Through Time 9: Let The Tanks Roll 10: Bullshit Lover 11: Sinner Line Up: Vocals � Anthony De Angelis Lead Guitar/Backing Vox � Sammy Lasagni Bass/Backing Vox � Mitch Koontz Drums � Peter Gander
Godiva - Godiva
63/1001Details Limb Music/SPV
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Godiva
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