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Godiva - Call me under 666
Godiva, although I’ve never heard of this band before, I have some prejudices about them. I do like to play with words, but some of them are just a sign of lack of creativity. That’s what I thought at first when I heard I had to review this band. On the other hand, sometimes such names are created to ‘just get the band started’, so let’s first listen to the record, shall we?
After a sort of ‘grave-digger’ looking intro, using a lot of electronic influences, following by a phone ringing (which I found a very humorous way of interpreting the title of the record) the first song ‘Hellraiser’ starts. This is a nice song, with a continuous double bass and a heavy guitar riff to keep the spirit going. The chorus is ok and off course a guitar solo and a bridge are followed. I start to get afraid that this is the next one within a short period that’s came up with a general descent record in the scene, but nothing special.
As the record continues, with the title-song ‘Call me under 666’ I start to realize that Godiva has some special characteristics. My, ow, my, this song totally rocks!! The beginning is somehow general of what I’m familiar with, but the chorus and the solo are totally awesome. The loop of the singer is very creative, using all kinds of levels, and I’m really rolling along with my head.
The rest of the songs are not that different from what I’ve described before, containing nice melodies, especially in the choruses and the guitar solos are not only to fill gaps or to lengthen songs, but hey give this kind of relief that is needed in some songs. Great job so far.
But……….yes there is a but. The parts that I’ve described only make the cd for like 10%. The rest of the cd is made by general themes, music and lyrics that other bands have done in the same way, or better, or even way better. Besides that, choruses are repeated a dozen times in songs, by which some of the songs last for twice the time they should, and almost all the songs are constructed in the same way. That means an intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge/solo, chorus, chorus, and chorus. This makes the reviewing easy, because I can mainly skip the last minute of every song, but for the people who should buy the album, it could be a disappointment, especially because of the fact that there are aspects of this band that have potential, as described above.
So, for you who want (another) nice melodic heavy metal album with nice melodies that sound very clearly and easy, Godiva came up with a very good product, but for the ones that long for a record within this scene with different themes, experimental songs and a few listening sessions before you make your opinion, I’d suggest you’d look a bit further.   
  1. Headache machine
  2. Hellraiser
  3. Call me under 666
  4. My fate
  5. When lightning strikes
  6. Only heaven knows
  7. The flight of the dragon
  8. Maneater
  9. Proud to be a beast
  10. Soulkiller
  11. Free my soul
  12. Video of ‘When lightning strikes’
Sammy Lasagni:                guitar
Moses B. Fernandez:          guitar
Fernando Garcia:               vocals
Peter Gander:                   drums
Mitch Koontz:                   bass
Godiva - Call me under 666
65/1001Details Limb Music Products
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
melodic heavy metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Jun 16th, 2005

Tags: #Godiva
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