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Heavy Heavy Low Low - Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching
Heavy Heavy Low Low is definitely one of the strangest bands I’ve ever listened to. First of all; the bandname is everything but clear, it provides more questions than answers towards the style of the band. And second of all; the description in the biography. Check this description: Jazz, Metal, Hardcore, Punk. Ideas? Anyone??
I know I’ve said in my profile I love schizophrenic music. In this case, Heavy Heavy Low Low is the leader, no, the über-lord in schizophrenia. My fucking hardcore-god, what an insane bunch of heavy metal guys this band is. And indeed, the combination of the genres does pass by but so fast, so incredibly fast after each other that it’s hard to mention those styles in one package. I’d rather say this is a new kind of music.
The songs are all pretty short; eleven songs in just 22 minutes. However, this does not matter too much because the intensity of the record is just incredible. I just cannot believe anyone will be able to sit relaxed after listening to this amount of...well what is it...noise. It is simply impossible to differentiate different songs. If the band would have mentioned just one song instead of eleven, it’s very likely I wouldn’t change my opinions about the album.
Simply everything on this record is intense, the insane changes in style (try the fifth song please), the breakdowns do come very close to my personal favorite of all time ‘After the Eulogy’ by BoySetsFire and the different rhytms are so god damn confusing that I think even The Dillinger Escape Plan will have to listen closely.
One thing bothered me a bit though. Like many times I dislike the vocals a bit. The screamings are brilliant but the hopeless sound of the singer make this record a bit worse than it could be. The short playtime and that ‘could be’ might have lead into one thing I’ve never even considered to report: a perfect score. 
Ps: visit their MySpace and listen to ‘Tell Shanon’ for two minutes will ya.
Heavy Heavy Low Low - Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching
88/1001Details Ferret
Released on Tuesday Sep 19th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Oct 18th, 2006

Tags: #Heavy Heavy Low Low
Tracklisting 1. This Is Really Testing The Patience I've Never Had
2. A, S, V, L, N
3. Mall-Nutrition
4. Are You Okay, Kiddo?
5. I Forgot 2 And A Half Days
6. Texas Chainsaw Mascer-uh
7. Kids, Kids, Kids.
8. Buddy, You're Makin' No Sense
9. Theres A Bat
10. Eating The Porridge And Killing The Bears
11. Party Girls
Line up Robbie Smith: vocals
Chris Fritter: drums
Danny Rankin: guitar, vocals
Andrew Fritter: bass
Ryan Madden: guitar