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Burning Skies - Desolation
Wow, dudes, why didn’t anybody tell me about this band before?!?! Although it is Burning Skies’ third album (their second on Lifeforce Records) they never were brought to my attention. Boy did I feel ashamed when Desolation blasted out of my speakers for the first time…
These guys from Bristol, UK, have created a melting pot of some of my favourite metal styles. Burning Skies take brutal death metal, thrash metal, hard/metalcore, melodic death and a hint of grindcore, mix it together into a relentless behemoth ready to kill all non-believers. Seriously, this shit grooves your ass off in so many ways. One minute you’re headbanging to a Slayer riff, the next your ears get devastated by brutal blast beat death metal. And it all grooooooooooooooooooooves!!!!! Shit you just can’t sit still!
Vocally there is a lot of variation too. From harsh hardcore screams, to deep guttural grunts and roars, this guy knows how to entertain the average brutal metalhead. Combined with the music these guys sound like a horny tyrannosaurus with bowel movements. You will not know where to hide when this stuff hits ya.
I cannot say anything negative other than the stuff they play is not original, but copied in a brilliant way. They’ve really taken a lot of elements from extreme metal styles and gave it a marvellous groove sound that can put a crowd upside down and tear a venue to the ground. Hear it and be fucking convinced!
Burning Skies - Desolation
91/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Monday Oct 30th, 2006
groove metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Oct 22nd, 2006

Tags: #Burning Skies
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. RKD
3. The Sweet Sound Of Violence
4. Bauer Power
5. Desolation... (For The Denial Of Ignorance)
6. Damaged
7. Fairytale Supremacy
8. Caught In The Circle
9. Lurid Demolition
10. Could You Sink Any Lower?
Line up Merv - Vocals
Liam - Guitars
Ben - Guitars/Vocals
Andie - Bass
Phil - Drums