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Mylidian - Birth of the Prophet
Bands come and go in different forms. And although a lot of acts are trying to promote themselves as a unique combination of different styles, only a few really deserve to be labeled as a fine mixture of several genres. Recently, I’ve discussed Heavy Heavy Low Low, but also System of a Down or even Hed pe show that a combination of different kinds of music can be very amusing. Mylidian however is not such a kind of band.
I quote from the website: ‘Birth of the Prophet is the first part of the trilogy, “Rise of the cursed son”. The script of the three parts is already written. It focuses on a young character, called Antoine, who rejects parental authority as well as socio-religious taboos, who is drawn towards the supernatural and who’s got an unbridled sexuality.'

And although this is a pretty nice concept, and the music at first sight is pretty strong, Mylidian fails in being convincing. At first sight, the album is something of an opera, where lots of characters are created in different kinds of music. Both male and female vocals pass by, clean singing and grunting while the music changes a lot to represent the desired emotions of the characters. Nothing bad huh?

But actually, this is the point; the band changes so god damn often that it is very hard to….well, just to find this cool. One time I hear the brutality of Dimmu Borgir whereas immediately afterwards emo vocals sing about ‘I try to find my way’, ‘Now I feel so cold’ and other cliché bull crap. And this points out the exact weakness of the band; although the framework is pretty much ok and the several musical parts might be interesting, the album as a whole is a total mess with too much different styles, very bad worked out structures and uninteresting compositions.

Now I’d like to come back to the description of the album. Maybe the band shouldn’t have the idea of a trilogy worked out so much already, because I really get the feeling that as a result of this, the actual music (which is what it is all about in the end) gets an undervalued goal. Next time guys, try to look a little further than the melodies and structures you’ve come across with for the first time. Only then, Mylidian will become something to remember.
Mylidian - Birth of the Prophet
31/1001Details Anvilcorp
Released on Sunday Apr 16th, 2006
Dark Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Nov 16th, 2006

Tags: #Mylidian
Tracklisting 1. Chaos Prophet
2. Crystal Angel
3. Lust with succubus
4. Pleasures of pain
5. Litany
6. Monastery slaughter
7. Prisoner of my dreams
8. The Cursed Son
Part I : Betrayed by the Father
Part II : Forbidden love
Part III : Birth of the Prophet
Line up Franck Lesellier: drums
Elisabeth Bardel: vocals
Armendar: vocals
Nicolas Bourineau: bass
Mortek: guitar