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Da Vinci - Back In Bu$iness
Retro is über hip these days. Just open up some magazines and the striped jackets, sports hair-ribbons and longer hair are jumping out of the pictures in no-time. Now, I wouldn’t say that Da Vinci is a retro band, but the fact is that the album I will discuss right now dates from 1989, so maybe I’m allowed to call it a little retro?
Because the thing is, that when I listen to Back In Bu$iness I immediately imagine slow-motion videoclips where long haired men in training outfits are sweating their asses off in front of hysterical girls who are wearing their hair in a fringe.
Five guys from Norway, who have created an album that is full of melodic rock in the length of Toto and Europe, are showing me once again that the music business is full of surprises. Of course, the production is really fine. Yet, the thing in which Da Vinci really distinguishes itself is the sense for great song writing (and a little ‘we-don’t-take-ourselves-too-serious-attitude). Whereas it’s the sensitive ‘Turn Down the Lights’ or the way too happy ‘9 and 10’to my favorite ‘Pink Champagne’, this music is exactly that kind of music you expect to hear on the classic rock radio without a DJ to let them hear them to you. Yes, if there is one classic rock band that was missing in my collection, it was Da Vinci.

If you listen to Back in Bu$iness you’ll probably recognize some great songs, with the mighty guitar as the leader, the pounding drums as the guide, amazing vocals to create the ambience and most of all, a sound you’d expect to be present in stadium acts. There really is very little wrong with this album and I truly recommend this album to anyone who’s either truly into 80s rock or who’s never heard of the bands that made the scenes back then. It seems that the original copy, recorded in 1989, is worth 70$ on eBay, so I’d suggest you fool your friends with this one.
Da Vinci - Back In Bu$iness
78/1001Details MTM Music
Released on Friday Nov 10th, 2006
Melodic Rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Nov 16th, 2006

Tags: #Da Vinci
Tracklisting 1. Touchdown
2. Call me a liar
3. Young hearts
4. 9 and 10
5. Turn down the lights
6. Millions like us
7. Pink champagne
8. Circus maximus
9. Hold back the tears
10. Last time
11. Blame It On The Radio
Line up Robert Aass: vocals
Gunnar Westlie: guitar
Bjorn Boge: bass
Dag Selboskar: keybaords
Jasle Maloy: drums