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Martin Briley - It Comes in Waves
Martin Briley is a singer-songwriter who’s worked for people like Celine Dion, Meat Loaf and Tom Jones. His roots are thus mostly found in popular music, but when checking his curriculum vitae out, we get to see a multi-talented man who’s done almost everything in music business you can imagine.
It’s a funny thing. Lately I’ve been reviewing quite some MTM-Music releases and all of them are impressive, and so is It Comes in Waves. And just to have said it, that’s mostly because of the great vocals which I cannot compare with anyone else. They’re warm, emotional and easy at first sight, which is probably why they attract me so much.

Further, the music sometimes looks a bit like other singer-songwriters like Sting or even Jack Johnson but in a specific way, which is again linked to the vocals of mr. Martin, and with a little country twist every know and then. Listen to the amusing ‘Church of Disney’ for instance, where the man obviously is doing something he’s always wanted to do.
Yet, the songwriting is pretty simple at first sight. All the songs contain catchy melodies which could well do as background music in a bar, or as a warm up for a pure rock concert. My personal favorites are ‘I Don’t think She Misses Me At All’ where I even recognize influences by modern artists like Donovan Frankenreiter, ‘The Message’, where the sax creates a great jazzy ambience and the final track ‘Fake Horizon’ which is a typical movie song that is used in scenes where the hero decides to finally follow the right path (and which contains amazing vocals in the chorus).

Yes, I’m glad I came across this album and I could advise it to anyone who’s into simple but pure singer-songwriter rock to have as a background while doing some tasks in the house or when traveling. If only more pop song writers would do things like Martin Briley.
Martin Briley - It Comes in Waves
82/1001Details MTM-Music
Released on Friday Oct 20th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Friday Nov 17th, 2006

Tags: #Martin Briley
Tracklisting 1. It Comes in Waves 5:17
2. Church of Disney 2:56
3. Big Sun 3:20
4. I Don’t Think She Misses Me At All 4:39
5. Me and My Invisible Friend 3:41
6. The Massage 3:57
7. In the Dim Light of a Brand New Day 4:02
8. Invisible 3:20
9. Pray For Rain 3:52
10. That Song 3:57
11. Fake Horizon 4:31
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