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Fluff - Bunny To The Bone
After a little delay I finally found time for a review of a demo album by Fluff. This band from The Netherlands, with the bunny as mascot, says they create a style which they call Neurocore. Let�s listen to it and find it out how Bunny To The Bone sounds. First track is called Copy Star. A little guitar intro and erupting into a somewhat standard nu metal riff, however the vocals are quite cool. Varying from screams to grunts they produce a quite nice sound. The songs are quite short and the riffs are all quite standard, sorry guys, but this is NOT original. The producing isn�t that good, but I won�t whine on that because it�s their first record and I surely must see this band live to find out how it really sounds. If the live sound is the same, I think they surely should work on it. Next track is Your Mother, this song is quite nice in hearing and gets the album to a higher level. Sunthoughts is a set of cool riffs pasted after eachother, but I heard all the riffs before. Last song on the demo is Best Before 2007, with lyrics from Subliminal by Suicidal Tendencies. The song is somewhat slow, and the fury is away. This is quite hard to decide, a quite talented young band, producing a not so original demo. If this is a completely new style, I can say a fullmouthed No, but I�m impressed by the song Sunthoughts, because it still is nice to listen. This demo is not bad, and I will certainly want to hear more of them. Perhaps I�ll see it live sometime, but before that, keep practicing and don�t lose the joy of playing. For the style, if they want to call it Neurocore, it�s good enough for me but I would say new metal with a nice mix of metalcore in it. If you want to see/hear more of Fluff, go to Track List: 1: Copy Star 2: Your Mother 3: Sunthoughts 4: Best Before 2007 Line Up: Vocals � Sebastiaan Lefevre Guitars � Barteld Jansen Guitars � Bob Martens Bass � Paul Van Der Maat Drums � Bert Dekkers
Fluff - Bunny To The Bone
70/1001Details Own Production
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Fluff
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