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Fluff - Cut Throat Competition
My first experience with the band Fluff was in Rotterdam, being an opening act for Liftid. I still remember their appearance on stage as a pretty good one, and I can still recall the intro very well. Recently, the band signed with Piranha Recordz and Metalrage got the 3-track promo to have an opinion on. Let’s see.
Over hasted. That’s how I would describe this demo. The production is surprisingly nice for an independent one, but the mixture of metal/hardcore/hip-hop as their biography describes the band, fails to be convincing as a whole creation. It seems like the band realizes that the three songs have to be representative to all the bands’ capabilities but as a result, the songs contain too much different material without sounding like songs of their own.

First one ‘No Sene, No Soun’ starts slowly with clean guitars and mumbling vocals like Mudvayne or American Head Charge also used to do but after a short minute the real explosion sets in (followed by a hardcore riff in the end). Too many different vocals are being used which can be very powerful to a layman, but to me it’s all a bit irregularly.
The next two songs have a more equal pattern and as a result they sound a bit better. The guitars like to play filled up varied with fast heavy choruses. In this way, the songwriting is presented better than before but still, the variation between the clean vocals and the brutal shouting does not have a merely positive effect. Also, the accentuated inhaling could have been let out in my opinion. 

Of course it’s breeding and it could well describe the intentions of the band, but it strengthens my point that I feel that Fluff seems to want too much attention instead of enforcing it. Let’s hope they’ll get the studio time they’ll need to focus on the songwriting. The right view towards heavy music is there, yet there’s still some work left to make the whole concept sounding more as a unity.   
Fluff - Cut Throat Competition
58/1001Details Piranha Recorz
Released on Thursday Dec 1st, 2005

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Apr 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Fluff
Tracklisting 1. No Sense, No Sound
2. Sideshow
3. Cut Throat Competition
Line up Barteld Jansen: guitar
Bob Martens: guitar
Bert Dekkers: drums
Sebastiaan Lefevre: vocals
Paul van der Maat: bass