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Skid Row - Revolutions Per Minute
In the late eighties Skid Row released their self-titled debut and it was an instant success. With their hardrock sound having more and more metal influences over the years their success grew. An important factor in this success was the wild behavior of singer Sebastian Bach, which eventually led to the band’s downfall. They made three very fine albums, which still enter my CD player regularly, and one cover album. In the late nineties Skid Row was one of those many bands that reunited, but Johnny Solinger took over the vocals. In 2003 they released Thickskin and this year Revolutions Per Minute saw the light.
First of all I got to say that I wasn’t really fond of Thickskin with their new singer. Solinger has a nice raw sounding voice, but doesn't have the charismatic high sound which original singer Bach had. The CD let's us hear just the standard hardrock and nothing really surprising. Sure, it had some good swinging melodies but the magic of the older records was only very sporadically present. All in all it was a decent hardrock album, but it was nothing compared to the old glory days. Oh, and the new version of ‘I Remember You’ really sucked, because they tried to speed it up and give it little punkrock twist.
About the new album now. The first thing that is noticed in opening track ‘Disease’ is the modern rock sound, almost like a band as Soil, which I really like, but I don’t want to hear that; I want to hear the old Skid Row sound! Well, I think we’ve just have to forget about that and give this CD a fresh look. The track continues with a spacing guitar solo and the song got my approval. Second song then; What the HELL is that punk rhythm doing there!? It sounds like some sort of mixture of Queens of the Stone Age with an old school punk approach.
It’s even a bigger shock when I come to the song ‘When God Can’t Wait’; it really is an exact copy of the Dropkick Murphys sound! Now, I can enjoy Dropkick Murphys at a festival when I’m wasted, but fucking not on a Skid Row CD, this is simply ridiculous! On the next track the style changes radically with a strong rock ‘n roll sound, and after that a cover of 'Strength' from a Welsh band from the eighties, The Alarm, follows. What an absurd, incoherent and uninspiring album they've made! It keeps getting worse with ‘You Lie’, which is a country song and I almost start crying, all these unworthy styles for Skid Row without even a tiny bit of originality; it simply becomes too much for me. Quickly I skip through to following songs to find out there’s nothing really interesting and finally…Oh no! another version of the aweful song ‘You Lie’. I have no idea in which it differs from the other version and I didn’t even wanted to know because at the end of the record I was really fed up.
It’s fine with me that the bandmembers chose a new musical direction, but then they should’ve continued with an other name because Revolutions Per Minute simply hasn’t got anything to do anymore with the original Skid Row sound! If they would have done that, the CD maybe would have got a higher score, but now it’s really hard to say anything positive about it.  
Skid Row - Revolutions Per Minute
45/1001Details SPV
Released on Tuesday Oct 24th, 2006

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Friday Dec 1st, 2006

Tags: #Skid Row
Tracklisting 1. Disease
2. Another Dick in the System
3. Pulling My Heart Out from Under Me
4. When God Can't Wait
5. Shut Up Baby, I Love You
6. Strength (The Alarm cover)
7. White Trash
8. You Lie 02:44
9. Nothing 03:29
10. Love Is Dead 03:38
11. Let It Ride
12. You Lie (bonustrack)
Line up Johnny Solinger - Lead Vocals
Rachel Bolan - Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Scotti Hill - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lap Steel
Dave Snake Sabo - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dave Gara - Drums, Backing Vocals