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Dollhouse - Royal Rendez Vous
There’s no way you could describe the music from Dollhouse in any other way than ‘Rock & Soul’. The first album of the band was called The rock and soul circus, the first track of this album is called ‘The rock & soul fever’ and simply by listening to the music, you feel it in every part of your body: rock & soul baby!!
For those of you who are totally into the vinyl hype which is getting more and more attention, you’d be ashamed without Royal Rendez Vous in your collection. That is, because Dollhouse manages to combine the sound of Led Zeppelin and The White Stripes in such a way, any other band would only be able to produce with samples instead of guitars. Call it nostalgia, pure rock; I’d call it hallelujah baby!

Just like the two bands I’ve mentioned before, Dollhouse combines the high speed up-tempo vibe and the mellow, slow doom-guitars to create their album. On top of that ‘Let’s Get it on’ contains this fast jazzy piano tune while ‘With My Heart & Soul’ lovely slows down at the end of the song until the pause between two notes becomes impossible. Final song ‘I Just Don’t Care’ is the longest song of the album which lengthens the main, slow and groovy, guitar riff until there’s nothing left of your ears.
It may be clear; the greatest bands of the past have been replaced by a new generation that stays close to the sound of those days. The White Stripes and Wolfmother are bands you’ve probably heard of, but now here’s Dollhouse with such a great piece of work that in terms of quality, this Swedish band has come up with a product that is certainly comparable to the most popular acts I just mentioned. Whether you want to dance on it, play poker while rolling a joint, or make love to your beloved one, Dollhouse brings the dirtiness back in rock & roll….ehr I mean rock & soul.
Dollhouse - Royal Rendez Vous
89/1001Details Bad Reputation
Released on Friday Jan 12th, 2007

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Dec 21st, 2006

Tags: #Dollhouse
Tracklisting 1. The Rock&Soul Fever
2. Let's Get it on
3. Living Tomorrow
4. With My Heart&Soul
5. Do You Know What I Mean
6. Dead Man's Hand
7. The Worried Blues
8. Hands to Change
9. I Just Don't Care
Line up Chris Winter: Guitar&Vocals
Marcus S. Davis: Drums
Yoda Chrome: Bass
Andreas Heed: Guitar