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Discharger - Our Hate is Justified
Never heard of? You like streetpunk? Then this is a nice treat at the end of a busy year. Whereas you’ve probably not heard of Born Immortal, the first full-length release of Discharger, you probably will after this one. Consisting of three Dutch blokes from Amersfoort, here I present thee: Our Hate is Justified.
Of course, when describing the music as street punk anyone has some ideas about this album. Yet, I’d like you to look a bitter closer. The songwriting on this album is really, really interesting, and manages to be suitable for the hardcore fans as well as for other fans of heavy music. Just like other bands, the power chords sound like a machine gun and the bass is turned up more than you’re probably used to which helps to give you this pissed off feeling.

But what really distinguishes this album is the songwriting. Whereas the first three songs seem a little bit common, the band really goes loose during ‘When the Wounds are Healed’ and ‘The Fuck You Bling Bling Song’ in which a dull rap tune is cut off after a second or ten. Afterwards, the balladish ‘A Heroic Story’ comes by in which singer Tim is proving his musical capabilities; a really brave and well written song.
From then on, the band is playing a winning game. The melodic parts are well organized, the ‘hey hey’s’ are included of course and the songwriting stays at an appropriate level. My personal comments would go the fact that I personally do not like to listen a lot to the sound of the band for the music is pretty much straight forward all the time.
Yet, this is the strength of the band. Therefore I’d assume that with this album Discharger will sure get a lot of new fans, as if it was only because of their motto: ‘Stand and defend!… even if the odds are 25 to 1.’
Discharger - Our Hate is Justified
78/1001Details Rebellion Records
Released on Thursday Dec 21st, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Dec 21st, 2006

Tags: #Discharger
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. The voice of a new generation
3. Our hate is justified
4. When the wounds are healed
5. The fuck you b;ing bling song
6. A heroic story
7. Settle the score
8. Freedom
9. The rebelllion has begun
10. Streetfight
11. Stuck in the past
12. the patriot
Line up Vocals/Guitar: Tim
Bass: Joery
Drums: Olle