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Sniper - Seducer of Human Souls
Personally I consider snipers as the coolest guys in the army. They have this huge gun with which they can shoot someone from great distances without getting harmed themselves. You can’t see them but they will strike and hunt you in a way that will either kill you or drive you to madness. The same goes up for this Sniper.
Sniper is a death/thrash metal band. Actually I should say a thrash/death metal band because most of the music is related to thrash metal with some melodic influences. Sometimes this works out quite nice, like in ‘Black Fire’ and ‘Perished on the Cross’ where the songwriting is worked out quite well, but most of the times, Seducer of Human Souls is pretty much straight-forward heavy music we’re already pretty familiar with.

The album starts a bit messy, where the band seems to be struggling for its sound. Too many different influences are intertwined, like on ‘Hypochrist’ which has some really weird changes, which doesn’t attribute to the quality of the album. The two songs I just mentioned are little exceptions of that but afterwards the same story goes up. Until, the last two songs pass by.

‘Epiphany’ shows that the band actually is able to create great heavy metal songs with a really cool, nice and fast, main guitar riff, great speed and a monstrous breakdown riff. The bonus track ‘Last goodbye’ is actually a ballad but emphasizes the capabilities of the band in more than one direction. If only this way of songwriting was included more often.

So, most of the time Sniper is that one guy who’s frustrating the troops of the enemy. Unfortunately, in this case he misses too often. But, if he does manage to hit the target, it’s a very important one.
Sniper - Seducer of Human Souls
61/1001Details Self-produced
Released on Tuesday Dec 26th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Dec 26th, 2006

Tags: #Sniper
Tracklisting 1. Revelations
2. The Haunted
3. Black Fire
4. Liar
5. Perished on the Cross
6. Inquisition
7. Hypochrist
8. Seducer of Human Souls
9. Epiphany
[bonus track] Last Goodbye
Line up Rupert: vocals, guitars
Sergej: guitar
Cristoph: drums
Stanislav: bass