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Devious - Acts Of Rage
I was looking through my cd collection when I found this record, given to me as a promo, but I didn�t remember making a review for it. Devious with their album Acts Of Rage was still lying on a big heap and I know that it�s wrong and shit but whatever. Devious is a Dutch death metal band from a little up north. With vocalist Arnold, who also screams and grunts with Altar, they have a powerful throat barfing their songs. With this album, they�ve created their debut album and Metalrage was given a promotional copy to give our opinion. Sorry you�ve waited so long, but here it is. The opening song Haunted is strong and fast. The bass guitar is sounding a bit too hard but I do like that. The bass guitar is a 6 stringer fretless, and damn that�s the weirdest I�ve ever seen for a death metal band. I do play the bass for some years now but I haven�t seen it before in this style of music! The song is very headbang inducing and with the eerie guitar part in the middle, supported by the brutal throat of Arnold, it really kicks ass. The title track Acts Of Rage is probably more brutal than the first song, damn these guys really push the tempo. What can I say about it, the riffs are sounding good, but all with all it�s a little bit standard. The song could have been from 1000 other death metal bands, but Devious have produced it with their own sound. The imminent style is technical death metal, but in some songs the tempo is more like the hacking Cannibal Corpse songs. Songs I particularly liked were I�ll Slice You Into Pieces, because of the slowing down and the nice guitar solo thingy in the middle. Also Conjuration Of Destruction sounded brutal and nice and the drummer maintains that hacking death metal sound. The last song I really liked was Excavation Of The Undead. Just listen it for yourself. I didn�t become bored after I�ve listened to the album once, twice and even thrice. I think Devious have created an album that is quite well produced for a debut album. The sound is heavy; however the songs aren�t of the highest originality. I enjoyed this album a lot and after seeing them live one time I do know that these guys can perform the same quality live as on the record. If you like a creative mix of Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, spiced with some At The Gates, then you should run to the stores or visit their website, as this is certainly worth its money! Track List: 1: Haunted 2: Acts Of Rage 3: Harlequin Of Perpetual Destiny 4: I�ll Slice You Into Pieces 5: Suoived (Introspection) 6: Conjuration Of Destruction 7: Inanimate 8: 5 Minutes In Decay 9: Excavation Of The Undead 10: Dragged Below Line Up: Vocals � Arnold Guitars � Guido Guitars � Wouter Bass � Sven Drums - Frank
Devious - Acts Of Rage
80/1001Details Spitzenburg Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Devious
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