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Cancrena - Fears
Italy seems to be one of those countries that has over 300 metalbands while we only know a handful of them. Maybe the pasta-core scene is just much bigger over there compared to our dutch Potato-and-vegetable affairs we endure over here. Anyway, Cancrena is one of those bands you have never heard of and it's up to me to see if these spaghettirockers bring the noise. So to say.

Cancrena sounds like.. Pantera. Not just a little bit, but a lot. But they also mixed it up with some spicy old Sepultura influences, resulting into a groove-heavy mix that works out very nice. Most tracks are well written and have a typical almost 80s thrash metal vibe to them, which is something different compared to the overproduced records we have to endure these days. Guitarwise there is a lot of Dimebag in the playing, and hey, since he is gone it's only a good thing that people are carying the torch of heavy riffs with sensible bluesy undertones. Vocalist Frank sounds like he can do his stuff live, if he would drink a bit more whiskey the Anselmo-link can easily be made. The band produced the disc themselves so the actual production quality can sure be improved upon but for an independent release it's good enough to 'spread the music'. Too bad that the last few tracks are of a lesser quality, the inconsistency sticks out like a sore thumb.

My big issue with this disc is the balladrocker "Black Angel". There isn't anything wrong with the composition of the song, but if your vocalist doesn't have the best clean-voice out there you could at least make sure that the English pronounciation is spot on. It reminded me of Super Mario trying to sing an emotional tune. Fortunately it kicks into the metal pretty soon but it was definitly cringeworthy.

All in all, Cancrena put out a decent self produced disc that will surely get them some more coverage. Next time a better production, some vocalcoaching and we might see these guys play around Europe.
Cancrena - Fears
70/1001Details Kick Agency
Released on Tuesday Jan 9th, 2007

Writer @Carn on Tuesday Jan 9th, 2007

Tags: #Cancrena
Tracklisting 1 - Fears
2 - Granny's Lady
3 - The Truth
4 - Hollowing Myself
5 - Raw Child
6 - Black Angel
7 - In My Opinion
Line up Francis - Guitar
Frank - Vocals
Fab - Bass
Roger - Drums