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Cancrena - Underneath
Cancrena from Italy came together in 2000 and after playing some covers they started to write their own music. Since that day Cancrena are making demos and mailing them around to labels and webzines. This is probably also the reason why demo record Underneath was recorded in 2006 and I received it in 2008. Well, although we at consider ourselves kings, we aren’t utterly bastards so we’ll review the two year old demo of Cancrena anyway.
In their attached biography, Cancrena states that they have influences of Sepultura, Pantera and Testament. Well, influence isn’t really the word I would use. I think copy is rather the right word for it. During the first song I have the idea I’m dealing with some bad demo recording of Pantera during their Cowboys From Hell/ Vulgar Display days. It‘s also very hard for me to hear some of the other influences, but my guess is they just like the other bands.
Considering the comparison you could draw some conclusions. Cancrena does lack originality. The band is really fond of Pantera and tries to honour them in their own way. The musicians of Cancrena are quite okay considering they made me believe - although for a split second - they were indeed the band from Texas.
I think I made my point clear.
Cancrena - Underneath
50/1001Details Kick Agency
Released on Tuesday Oct 17th, 2006

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Feb 26th, 2009

Tags: #Cancrena
Tracklisting 1. From The South
2. Dummies Of The Screen
3. The sponger
4. Obscene Slammers
5. Six Hours
Line up Frank - Vocals
Francis - Guitar
Fab - Bass
Roger - Drums
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