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Obscene Gesture - Straight Outta The Gutter
During 2005 Obscene Gesture was formed by Guy Green, which you might know from Bodycount, and Chuck Profus (ex-Agent Steel). After trying out several other members, George Robb, also ex- Agent Steel, and Vince Dennis from Bodycount joined in and the official line-up of Obscene Gesture was a fact. Somewhere along the way this demo was recorded, released and re-released in 2006 in search of a record label.
After the intro ‘Do You Believe’, which was probably ripped from a movie or something like that, Straight Outta The Gutter erupts with simple straight to your face Old School Hardcore with several Thrash influences. The atmosphere that’s created on the demo reminds me a bit to a mixture of the early Sick Of It All mixed by D.R.I. and S.O.D.
Notice that I say a bit because this demo never reaches the level of any of the other bands that are mentioned. Of course the production of this demo isn’t great but that is a problem that I can get used to, as a matter of fact I’m used to the crappy production most demos have. However, the biggest problem on this demo are the songs itself, because they lack some decent lyrics, song structure and playtime. Especially when the total playing time is only eleven minutes, which is quite short to convince a record label if you’d ask me.
But judging by their own website I’m wrong because they did score a record deal. Well I wish them all the best and I hope they will work on some greater songs for their album that is planned for 2007.
Obscene Gesture - Straight Outta The Gutter
35/1001Details none
Released on Friday Sep 15th, 2006
old school hardcore

Writer @Niamen on Monday Jan 15th, 2007

Tags: #Obscene Gesture
Tracklisting 1. Do You Believe
2. Don't Matter
3. Fallen
4. Enough
5. Killing Kids
6. Lovely
7. What You Gonna Do
Line up Guy Green - Vocals, Guitars
Vince Dennis - Guitars
George Robb - Bass
Chuck Profus - Drums