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Obscene Gesture - Living In Profanity
Old school is back! Old school thrash/hardcore that is! Some of you might have noticed the hype around Municipal Waste, like the gentlemen of Obscene Gesture, who feature in their ranks ex-members of the original Agent Steel line-up, and people from Gutterthug and Body Count. Quite some names here, how about the music?
I must say that after seeing Municipal Waste live, I�ve bought their album and I can�t get enough of it. But in that case everything about the band is perfect. The music, the style, the looks, the production of the music, artwork, everything fits. Obscene Gesture breathes the same ideology as Municipal Waste, but the main difference is that Living In Profanity isn�t nearly as nicely produced and mastered as Municipal Waste�s last effort The Art Of Partying. This really spoils the fun. At first it gives a real old school sensation, but as the tracks pass by you really lose interest. Especially when you realize there are 21 of them.
The entire old school formula is presented to you here. So fans of stuff like D.R.I., S.O.D., Slayer and Cryptic Slaughter for instance can eat their heart out here. If you can hear through the production that is. The band seems and sounds like a bunch of sympathetic chums, and I bet that a live show where enough beer is consumed probably ends in a wild party.
For me it doesn�t cut it compared to the guys at the top if this resurrected scene, but within time they might become a worthy addition. The experience and skill is definitely there, just wrap it in a 21st century package please, instead of an 80�s 8-track recording.
Obscene Gesture - Living In Profanity
68/1001Details Xtreem Music
Released on Wednesday Aug 1st, 2007
Thrash Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Dec 18th, 2007

Tags: #Obscene Gesture
Tracklisting 01. Bullets Pays The Bills
02. Tear You Apart
03. Losing My Mind
04. Masters Fall
05. Fallen
06. Crumbs
07. Hand Of Fate
08. Black And Blue Love
09. Enough
10. The End
11. Everything
12. Lovely
13. Warning
14. I Wanna Live
15. Too Far
16. In The Name Of
17. Bring The Blood
18. Pink On The Inside
19. Don�t Matter
20. Killing Kids
21. What You Gonna Do?
Line up Guy Green - vocals
Chuck Profus - drums
George Robb - bass
Vince Dennis - guitars
Juan Garcia - guitars