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Farewell To Words - Tear Down This Wall
Farewell To Words is a 6 piece from Berlin, Germany. The biography that came together with their debut MCD says that this band plays a mixture of hardcore, screamo and metal. In my opinion a nice combination. But a closer look to the biography (and listening to their music) teached me that this band is capable of playing many more styles. Including Doom Metal influenced parts. Now thát is refreshing!
At first I was a bit frightened by noticing that this band also had a female vocalist in its ranks. That feeling sure is gone now ‘cause I think this band really stands out from many, many other bands these days. Damn! There’s hardly anything that doesn’t fit in the music! The only small minor I could come up with are some of the emo vocal parts. Sometimes they seem a little weak but to be honest that’s hardly worth mentioning. Actually it can even be seen as one of the many strengths this band has ‘cause that’s just something they do. And it definitely gives them their own sound.
Furthermore there’s lots of nasty screaming combined with the right dose of melody and tempo changes. The use of all those different influences is just stunning and it already gets me excited to hear their first full-length album. That must be awesome if they continue to play this way. Another very strong point is the length of the songs. It shows that Farewell To Words is not afraid to create some longer songs, stepping away from the average pattern most metalcore/screamo bands use. This is a band with balls (and boobs of course)!
Then the doom influences I was talking about. For those influences, we have to go to the last track on this MCD, ‘The Empty Stare’. This is a song that lasts almost 9 minutes, just like other doom songs a pretty long song. But the music itself also shows the capabilities of these guys and girl to make steps in other directions they are used to take. Music wise you don’t have to expect the next best doom band in the world but it’s clear they know what they’re doing. Actually, this song has not very much to do with doom but it’s a nice step besides the screamo usage. And the vocals, man! Just when you think the two vocalists are a great combination using their vocals really well they show up with grunting. And I mean really low (doom-like) grunting. Two big thumbs up for the vocalists!
I think this truly is a quality band we’re gonna hear a lot more of in the nearby future. I’d say: check this shit out if you’re into hardcore/screamo (with emo and other influences). Bring me that full-length!
Farewell To Words - Tear Down This Wall
88/1001Details Bastardized Recordings
Released on Friday Jan 26th, 2007
Screamo (+ lots of others)

Writer @Boek on Thursday Jan 18th, 2007

Tags: #Farewell To Words
Tracklisting 1. Allurement Of The Void
2. Blue Turned To Scarlet Eyes
3. In Front Of Your Hope
4. Share Of Seconds
5. The Empty Stare
Line up Jessi - Vocals
Mo - Vocals
Flo - Guitar
Claus - Guitar
Martin - Bass
Mario - Drums