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Palehorse - Amongst The Flock
To be honest I’d never heard of Palehorse before and reading their bio didn’t ring any bells here. But after doing some research on the world wide web I found out that the band is a part of the infamous Bridge Nine Record label. Well with that information in the back of my head I got very curious about this album and couldn’t wait for the time it would hit my mailbox.
Starting with ‘St Louis’, an instrumental song immediately struck my mind, these guys have balls. I mean doing a instrumental song as an intro to an album could make or break the album. Luckily this song stops just before it gets bored and the next song ‘Amongst The Flock’, comes crashing in. With a fine balance between oldschool hardcore and metalcore, Palehorse looks like a mixture of Hatebreed, Death Threat, Leeway and Integrity. The album was produced in The Outpost by Jim Siegel who is also famous for his work with Blood For Blood, Dropkick Murphys and Slapshot.
During the beginning of the album, Palehorse manages to grab my attention and hold it for the rest of the album which, especially with hardcore bands, is most of the time an impossible job. They manage this job because of the combination between good songs, great production and a mixture of several hardcore styles. Just listen to songs like ‘Amongst The Flock’, ‘Bleed The Sheep’ or ‘1948’ and you know what I mean.
So this Bridge Nine debut album of Palehorse is a good quality hardcore album which stands out from the masses with an album that has it all. The only setback on this album is the fact that it was released in 2006 so I won’t be able to put it in the best of 2007 year list.
Palehorse - Amongst The Flock
80/1001Details Brigde Nine Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 14th, 2006

Writer @Niamen on Monday Jan 22nd, 2007

Tags: #Palehorse
Tracklisting 01. St. Louis
02. Amongst The Flock
03. Consuming Me
04. Bleed The Sheep
05. Witch Hunt
06. 33 Degree
07. Last Place
08. As The Serpent
09. 1948
10. Domestic War
11. Mayday
Line up Vinny Calandra - Vocals
Dave LePage - Guitar
Dave Heck - Bass
Joe Longobardi - Drums