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Palehorse - Habitual Linestepper
This UK sludge/postcore outfit has been around for a while. The band actually consists out of a drummer, two bass-players and two vocalists. In 2003 they release their debut album Gee…that ain’t swell!, which gained many positive reviews in the international press. In 2004 Palehorse slumbered into a quiet sabbatical dead, which lasted for about 3 years. In 2007 they started to rehearse again and that resulted in their brand new album Habitual Linestepper.

I heard about this London based band a few years back. This band is considered one of the heaviest bands around in the English underground. I heard stories that people in the crowd puked their guts out, because this band produces such extreme heavy/low frequencies. What else do you expect of a band with two bass-players?!

This band is compared to bands like Burning Witch and Iron Monkey in the biography, but frankly I don’t hear that at all. The sound of this band is totally different to those bands. While other sludge/doom bands are guitar-riff dominated, this band totally depends on the pounding, slow swinging bass-sound. You think you’ll need a guitar to sound heavy? Palehorse will prove you wrong in these 5 songs!

The album starts off with an intro that reminds you of bands like Neurosis and Isis. After that, they unleash the fury with a heavy, thick sludge sound. One of the things that really work in their advance is the use of two vocalists; it gives their sound more aggression. This band sounds like an up-tempo guitarless version of bands like Zoroasteror Torche. It takes some time to get into this combination, without a guitar-player. Later on it becomes better and better and the intense, messy vibe Palehorse creates, will pull you in!

After the release of this album, Seedi, one of the singers left the band. Reducing the band once again to a streamlined four piece. Hopefully this beautiful bleak and brutally return of these infamous sludge-mongers isn’t a onetime thing!
Palehorse - Habitual Linestepper
74/1001Details Eye Of Sound Records
Released on Saturday Aug 16th, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Wednesday Oct 15th, 2008

Tags: #Palehorse
Tracklisting 01. Waited
02. What Community, What Scheme
03. I'm Afraid We're Still In Wheelchairs
04. We Cannot Love You
05. The Guiltiest Secret
Line up Nikolai - vocals
Seedi - vocals
Ben - drums
John - bass
James - bass