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Thaurorod - Tales Of The End
Thaurorod is a pretty unknown band so they deserve an introduction: this band was formed in the spring of 2002 in the land of a thousand lakes and especially a thousand power metal bands: Finland. They started as an Iron Maiden cover band but felt the need for some fresh and original stuff very soon. After a typical story of changes in the line-up because of some internal hiatus, they found a new singer and added a keyboard player to create a more round sound. I must admit it: after I saw that I was going to receive a 3-track demo from an unknown band that doesn’t have a label by now, I was expecting some cheap effort to make power metal…
Of course, my prejudice got wiped out from the moment I started listening to this record. The first song ‘Tormented No More’ starts with perfectly sounding guitar arpeggios and then progresses into pure fast and heavy power metal. The first thing that was to surprise me were the vocals: Vladimir Lumi has a very low voice instead of the high voice that is common in power metal. Although I had to get used to this, after a while I really enjoyed it and I have to say he actually has a really powerful and especially, unique voice.
Their sound can best be described as a mixture of fast pounding power metal and melodic catchy hymns. The three songs don’t differ too much but don’t take this as a bad thing since their sound is already very original. This makes it hard to compare them with other bands, although the third song ‘Elämän Tuli’ actually made me think of HIM, but twice as fast and twice as hard.
Also the mastering deserves some credit, as it was a 3-track demo I had expected a “not so good” sound, but again this seemed to be very untrue. I my opinion this album simply hasn’t got anything negative to it…For me, it’s a big mystery that this band is still independent. Hopefully this demo will change that and give them some more fans.
To be honest, if you’re not into power metal, you won’t like this band either. On the other hand, if you’re into power metal you really need to check this band out! Their originality will most definitely touch you!
Thaurorod - Tales Of The End
92/1001Details Independent
Released on Saturday May 20th, 2006
Power metal

Writer @Peekay on Tuesday Jan 30th, 2007

Tags: #Thaurorod
Tracklisting 1. Tormented No More
2. Tales of the End
3. El�m�n Tuli
Line up Vladimir Lumi - vocals
Emil Pohjalainen - guitar
Jani Vesanen - guitar
Emmi Taipale - keyboards
Joonas Pyk�l�-aho - drums
Pasi Tanskanen - bass