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Thaurorod - Morning Lake
It’s hardly been half a year that I’ve been reviewing for Metalrage, and yet I need to review Thaurorod for the second time. With pleasure that is, because their first effort Tales of the End received the highest score I have given so far (92). Morning Lake is their second effort and it would have surprised me very much if they could exceed Tales of the End
First of all, I think it’s a bit weird to release two separate records in one year, each containing only three songs, but I guess they have their reasons for that. I recommend reading the review of Tales of the End first since Morning Lake of course has many resemblances.
The first thing that catches the eye is the cover art, which once again is very sublime. I remember how Thaurorod struck me with its originality, creative melodies and exceptional vocals. Luckily, this record isn’t any different. Although not appealing as Tales of the End their melodies are still a pleasure to my ear and the professionalism of these guys still shows. Also the mastering is once again very well! Vladimir Lumi’s low heavy yet clean vocals again do a great job, which seems to become Thaurorod’s trademark.
I can’t say that much new actually, cause there isn’t much new… Except that it’s just three more great songs from this band. If you liked Tales of the End pick this one up too! It’s not as good as the former, but still very well enjoyable!
Thaurorod - Morning Lake
85/1001Details Independent
Released on Friday May 4th, 2007
Melodic Heavy Metal

Writer @Peekay on Friday Aug 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Thaurorod
Tracklisting 1. Into the Realms of Hidden Me
2. Morning Lake
3. Cursed in the Past
Line up Vladimir Lumi - vocals
Emil Pohjalainen - guitar
Jani Vesanen - guitar,
Emmi Taipale - keyboards
Joonas Pyk�l�-aho - drums
Pasi Tanskanen - bass