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M.A.N. - Obey, Consume, Reject
The first album I ever received to review for Metalrage was that of Transport League; a band that seems to have died along the way by now. M.A.N. claims to be formed from the ashes of that band, so let’s see what they sound like now.
M.A.N. releases it’s debut album Obey, Consume, Reject upon the world next month. The band is still fronted by Tony J.J. who also spent a short period in Mnemic, but he decided to lay down his guitar duties and just concentrate on his vocal parts. As the album kicks in, a Soulfly like song kicks in and the basis for this album has been laid. More songs in the vein of Machine Head and Mudvayne (without the insane bass playing of course) follow, and I must say that this band sounds almost exactly the same as Transport League did. Especially Tony J.J.’s vocals don’t really seem to have made any progression. The only change I see with this man is that he lost a little more hair in the process from one band to another.
It doesn’t mean that it’s a bad band though. It’s just a slightly grooving straight forward metal band that a lot of people can appreciate. It’s just too bad that after listening to it once now, I don’t feel like hearing it again for at least a month I guess. There is supposed to be a video for the track ‘Last Injection’ included on the disc, but it doesn’t show here on my computer, nor does it play through any kind of approach I’m trying here, so I watched it on YouTube. It gives them a nu-metal image a bit, also because of the song itself, but I can’t say if that’s positive anymore these days. I would have preferred the first song ‘Fold And Disgusted’, that makes a heavier impression that this one.
So, the production is good, the songs are all right but originality is hard to find. I’ll say no thanks to this one, been there, heard that in your previous band. What makes you think that it will work now?
M.A.N. - Obey, Consume, Reject
58/1001Details Gain Records
Released on Wednesday Mar 28th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Feb 27th, 2007

Tags: #M.A.N.
Tracklisting 1. Fold And Disqusted
2. Last Injection
3. My Master
4. None To Tell
5. Cop Out
6. Bon Voyage MF
7. Soul Wasted
8. Handcuffed
9. Cancered
10. Kick Down
11. Monster Device
Line up Tony J.J. - vocals
Robguz - guitars
Rob - bass
Engberg - drums