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Volition - Demo
Recently we received some album from the Israeli label Totalrust Music, which handles mainly doom metal and other related genres. One of them is Volition, who are on the verge of releasing a full length this year. But first they treat us on a two-track demo album to prepare the world on what lays ahead.
This English band describes it’s style as punishing filthy doom, and that it is indeed. They make resemblances to bands as Winter and Corrupted, but I know neither of these. The music breathes a bit of a funeral doom atmosphere, something I am not a big fan of, I prefer stoner doom a whole lot more. But it does have a bit of elements of sludge, but of course not in the fantastic way Iron Monkey once played it. So we have a lot of minor chords, long-stretched depressing riffs and harsh vocals. They lie somewhere in between screams and grunts, but stick to about the same sound throughout the album, which I find a bit of a bummer because the sound isn’t that appealing to me. An occasional scream pops up every now and then though, but that could be the bassist as well.
The second song sounds more interesting than the first one, but I can’t really explain why. It sounds like it has been produced in a slightly different way, a way that sounds better than the first track to me. But after half the song, the vocals start to irritate me again, what a shame.
I hope that with their upcoming full length, due to be recorded next month, they will try to apply a little more variation in sound, maybe do a little with effects and such. This way Volition sounds very one-sided and done-a-hundred-times-before.
Volition - Demo
50/1001Details Totalrust Music
Released on Thursday Jan 18th, 2007
Doom Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Feb 27th, 2007

Tags: #Volition
Tracklisting 1. Cheyne Stoking
2. Halls Of Degradation
Line up Dave Hodge - vocals
Mark Burnett - guitar
Jas Murray - guitar
Mark Burns - bass & vocals
James Doyle - drums