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Volition - Volition
About a year ago we recieved a package from Totalrust Music, a doom metal label from Israel. It offered a two track demo of UK's Volition amongst others, with the promise of a full length within a year. And here it is; their self-titled debut.
Volition didn’t really impress me with their demo record, which is also the case with their full length. The songs and recordings have definitely been improved, but it never becomes really interesting. This is mainly due to the monotonous vocals, which I also hated on the demo record. The low roaring grunt becomes incredibly boring after a while. Lucky they offer some compensation with some high panic screams every now and then.
The songs are slow and heavy and sound pretty good on occasions, but never for an entire song. But the production is a lot better than before. So the verdict for this record is that improvement has definitely been made, but the vocals need more dynamics and the songs need a little more thought to really get to me.
Volition - Volition
64/1001Details Totalrust Music
Released on Tuesday Jan 1st, 2008
Doom Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Feb 28th, 2008

Tags: #Volition
Tracklisting 1. To Those We Have Lost
2. Martyrdom
3. Tempestuous Seas
4. Pathogen
5. The Mistress
6. Cheyne Stoking
7. Halls Of Degradation
8. Do What Tho Wilt
Line up Dave Hodge - Vocals
Mark Burnett - Guitar
Jas Murray - Guitar
Mark Burns - Bass & Vocals
James Doyle - Drums
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