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Cornerstone - Two Tales Of One Tomorrow
Bands like Royal Hunt, Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen are a couple of bands that brought forward certain members of the recent line-up of Denmark’s Cornerstone. Reasons enough to assume that this band is capable of playing the best hardrock there is; As stated from their bio: “Concerning the quality, singer Doogie White and his sidekicks don’t have to hide themselves behind the big shots in the scene like Deep Purple and Rainbow, as Two Tales Of One Tomorrow is transporting the spirit of these hardrock giants into the here and now!”
The first song of the album starts with a really nice and catchy intro which refers pretty much to the metal-side of Cornerstone. So, there’s not only place for plain hardrock, it gets a bit spiced up with metal influences. Nice! And it may sound weird, but that intro was already to enough to make my prejudices about this album disappear. I think that’s quite something! Fortunately the song continued pretty much to my likes and made the last bits of prejudice vanish. This band has more balls than most hardrock bands I’ve listened to and that’s exactly what distinguishes Cornerstone. Quite promising!
Of course there won’t be a shortage on guitar solos either. But I guess you knew that already when you read the term ‘hardrock’. The music doesn’t contain a lot of tempo changes, those can only be found between the different songs and not really within the particular songs. That normally would bother me a bit but where I usually get rather bored while listening to this kind of music, Cornerstone certainly convinced me of the fact that it doesn’t always have to be this way.
And of course, there are the high vocals again. To me that always makes the music less metal (read: angry, heavy, aggressive) and that’s a pity! But then again, that’s the everlasting ‘matter of taste’ and besides that, it’s just a part of hardrock, so I won’t start bitching about that.
So, what do we have? Catchy music (hardrock with a metal flavor), a bunch of experienced musicians, nice cover artwork and a promising intro. All in all Cornerstone certainly convinced me of their qualities. It has never entirely been my cup of tea and it probably never will be but hardrock fans should definitely give this a try!
Cornerstone - Two Tales Of One Tomorrow
72/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Feb 23rd, 2007

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Feb 27th, 2007

Tags: #Cornerstone
Tracklisting 01. Misery
02. One Man’s Hell
03. Mother Of Mercy
04. Two Tales Of One Tomorrow
05. Prey
06. Blinded
07. Starlight And Mystery
08. The Dance
09. Wicked
10. We Are The Dead
Line up Doogie White – Vocals
Steen Mogensen – Bass
Allan S�rensen – Drums
Kasper Damgaard – Guitar
Rune Brink - Keyboard