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Leng Tch'e - Marasmus
I remember Leng Tch’e from the days that they had that hyperactive ninja running around on stage while grinding your ears out. That changed over time, they got Boris from Suppository in their ranks to do vocals and made their music a whole lot more interesting. And with this new release entitled Marasmus, they are here to once again unleash their extreme metal upon the world.

To be honest, until a while ago I only knew Leng Tch’e from live performances, but those usually entertained me quite well. Although the last time (with Pig Destroyer and Rotten Sound) was more of a revelation, because then I found out that their style had changed from just grindcore to some more interesting rhythmical (death) metal and grind. So after receiving this promo I went down to the record store to check out their older material. Their old grinding stuff is already pretty kick ass, but indeed that annoying scream of that ninja they could do very well without. Their previous effort, The Process Of Elimination, sounded very nice to me, awesome brutal production that boosted the guitars right in my face. Something that is quite different with this new release.
I know the guys like to incorporate stoner, rock and hardcore in their death metal and grindcore, but the guitar sound is a bit more stoner than metal to me. While on the previous release the guitars slap you silly, this one stays quite mild, and even gets lost in the mayhem every now and then. A bit of a pity, but no real threat to the quality of the album though. The riffing and songwriting in average is again at a high level. I believe vocally Boris is aided a bit more by Sven (Aborted) from behind the drumkit, throwing in those guttural drainage sounds. 
You can obviously state that those people into extreme metal with quite some variation should check this out. I’m considering attending their cd-release party at the Little Devil to check them out, because I heard rumours about the band not being that able to recreate what they put on their albums to a live situation. That, and it’s been quite a while since our last encounter, so if you feel like joining me, prepare for the death by a thousand cuts! He, at least they dope you up first!!!
Leng Tch'e - Marasmus
82/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday Mar 12th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Mar 4th, 2007

Tags: #Leng Tch'e
Tracklisting 1. Lucid Denial
2. 1-800-APATHY
3. Tightrope Propaganda
4. Nonsense Status
5. Tainted Righteousness
6. Marasmus
7. Confluence Of Consumers
8. The White Noise
9. Obsession Defined
10. Abstained
11. The Sycophant
12. Social Disgust
13. The Divine Collapse
14. Submissive Manifesto
15. Pattern
16. Trauma&Scourge
Line up Jan - guitar
Geert - guitar
Svencho - drums
Boris - vocals
Nicolas - bass