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State Chaos - Ashes Of Misery
Emerging from the South of this small country is yet another worthy addition to the nation’s metal scene; State Chaos. Formed as a home-project by guitarist Mischa, it soon led to a full blown band, ready to take stages and obliterate sound systems. Lets see how this demo entitled Ashes Of Misery works out.
After an instrumental epic intro that ends in thrash riffs, the first real song, ‘Desecration Of Life’, kicks in. It is obvious that we're dealing with a great effort in the thrash metal scene, the music sounds very convincing and the production sounds very nice in the instrumental section. How else could it, yet another production from the already legendary Toneshed studio. All the instruments sound very clear, but form a concrete fist in your face nonetheless. The songs themselves must appeal to any fan of the genre. State Chaos manages to build a bridge between the traditional eighties and nineties thrash and the more modern variaties like Hatesphere does. An interesting approach in a scene where experimenting is almost impossible.
The band also features some known musicians in its ranks; we have ex-Callenish Circle guitarist Rocco, Desensitised drummer Martijn and vocalist Remco, who is also active in Infuriate and Model 101. You can hear the experience of these musicians in the riffing and drum department, and the high screams and low roars of Remco offer more than enough variation to keep things interesting.
So in less than 15 minutes we are convinced of the fact that we have a worthy addition to the thrash scene. Nothing new under the sun, just a great execution of the music already known to us.
State Chaos - Ashes Of Misery
78/1001Details Independent
Released on Tuesday Jan 16th, 2007
Thrash Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Mar 9th, 2007

Tags: #State Chaos
Tracklisting 1. Into The Ashes
2. Desecration Of Life
3. To Die Again
4. Ashes Of Misery
Line up Remco - vocals
Mischa - guitar
Maurice - bass
Martijn - drums
Rocco - guitar