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Black Majesty - Sands Of Time
Black Majesty has begun their crusade with a sampler that was released in 2002. In 2003 they released their first full-length album, entitled Sands Of Time. Metalrage received a copy and when it landed on the floor in my house, I first had to listen to it carefully. Damn, this is music that is not what I usually play. I can say it cleanly, I�m a death metal fan, but with a wide musical taste. Black Majesty make a style of Heavy metal influenced by bands like Judas Priest and Hammerfall but without the ballsquashing high voice. When I read the song titles and heard the first song, I was a little bit amused by the stereotype heavy metal thought. The songs are all in that plain heavy metal scheme, but the voice of the vocalist was different though. I expected a high squeak, but it turned out that the voice was deeper. Sometimes though it�s time for the high screams, but I wasn�t affected by it, while normally I cannot stand this shit. That means enough for me, finally a power/heavy metal band which aren�t depending on their squeaking gay vocalist. The music is more in the thrashy direction, but the elements of bands like Hammerfall and Masterplan are quite high. When I listened to Guardian for instance, it reminded me strongly to Crimson Thunder by Hammerfall. The album is just a fine produced album tightly followed by the rules of heavy metal. That means that there have to be at least 2 ballads, 3 mid tempo songs, and the rest has to be blasting. I don�t mind this kind of production and I was impressed by the vocalist. As I mentioned earlier, this is finally a power metal band that inspired me to listen more of this music. I am not a lover of this music, but hey, it�s a start. If you are a power metal fanatic, you won�t be disappointed when you buy this album. The guitar solo�s are fast and technical, the rhythm is right and the songs all breathe fire and demise. Enjoy. Track List: 1: Fall Of The Reich 2: Legacy 3: Guardian 4: Sands Of Time 5: Destination 6: Journeys End 7: Colliding Worlds 8: No Sanctuary 9: Beyond Reality 10: Lady Of The Lake Line Up: Vocals � John Cavaliere Guitars � Stevie Janevski Guitars � Hanny Mohamed Bass � Mark Kelson Drums � Pavel Konvalinka
Black Majesty - Sands Of Time
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Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

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