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Black Majesty - Tomorrowland
Black Majesty hails from Australia and plays melodic power metal. Now, I can enjoy that once in a while, but in general I’ll pass these kind of CD’s on to the real fans of the genre. I guess I’ll just never like the music that’s released on Limb Music Productions then…but what the heck? I do recognize whether something is good or bad.
Black Majesty is good nor bad. It’s not that Tomorrowland lacks high quality or a nice, mystic looking cover. It’s not the voice of John Cavaliere and it’s not the level of musical quality in this band. It’s just that it tends to sound too much to same throughout the album. Add up to that that with this style of music it's already kind of hard to find your own unique way in it, and you’ll probably understand that this is something for fans only.
Really, what else can I say? There’s really not one surprise on this album. I don’t necessarily mean that in a negative way, but I just think that these guys could have thrown in some more surprises. Take a risk! Don’t follow the rules of the book so closely man, that’s not working for me!
Well, to sum it all up: high melodic vocals, mostly up-tempo songs, lots of musical intermezzos (or solos as one may call them), not too surprising drumming and basically 10 songs that tend to sound too much alike. Fortunately Black Majesty makes up a whole lot with their passionate style of playing. So let’s put it this way: quality/passion: 8, originality: 5. You do the math! (or just look on top of the review).
Melodic power metal fans, beware! This may be your thing. Other people should leave it at reading this review.  
Black Majesty - Tomorrowland
65/1001Details Limb Music Productions
Released on Friday Jun 1st, 2007
Melodic Power Metal

Writer @Boek on Saturday Jul 7th, 2007

Tags: #Black Majesty
Tracklisting 01. Forever Damned
02. Into The Black
03. Evil In Your Eyes
04. Tomorrowland
05. Soldier Of Fortune
06. Bleeding World
07. Faces Of War
08. Wings To Fly
09. Another Dawn
10. Scars
Line up John Cavaliere – Lead Vocals
Stevie Janevski – Guitar, Vocals
Hanny – Guitar, Vocals
Pavel Konvalinka – Drums, Percussion