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Massappeal - Nobody Likes A Thinker
Massappeal is a band from a generation, established in the 70s by bands like Sex Pistols and The Damned. Then, in the 80s, the sound became rawer and almost every weekend there were punk bands playing in deserted factories, amusing the punkers until dawn.
In that time, the year of 1986 to be precise, Massappeal was formed in the fine country of Australia, to establish a scene that would never disappear. And as time passed by, the band released some material in the form of a 7”, a demo and a live album. Then, it became a little quiet until 1996 when the band released their mini LP Nobody Likes A Thinker.
Now, I hear you thinking: ‘Why the hell are you telling all that history nonsense and don’t talk about the music instead?’ That is, my friend, because this album contains every song that has been put on all of those releases I just mentioned. And that means, 77 minutes full of street punk in its purest form; fast, melodious and integer. 24 songs, no breaks, full speed, that’s all.

That’s really it. The punk music on this album is unique, by which I mean that this type of music has been gone to the underground these days. Therefore, I think that a lot of young people will be somehow confused when they hear Nobody Likes A Thinker for the first time. But those of you, who take the time to get familiar with the sound, just have to admit that these should have been the days.
Massappeal - Nobody Likes A Thinker
No ScoreDetails Relapse Records
Released on Wednesday Mar 14th, 2007

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Mar 14th, 2007

Tags: #Massappeal
Tracklisting Nobody Likes A Thinker 12" Mini LP December 1996
1. Rat In A Hole
2. Can't Forget
3. I.V. Me
4. Deadheads
5. Forgiving
6. Pissed On Life
7. Beginning Of A Hurt

'Bar Of Life' 7" December 1987
8. Fun Again
9. Are You Right

'Lucky Country' Compilation June 1998
10. Elitist Shit

The 'Young Dumb And Naive' Demo March 1986
11. Rat in A Hole
12. Fun Agina
13. Can't Forget
14. Illness
15. No Seduction
16. Deadheads
17. Are You Alright
18. I.V. Me
19. Pissed On Life
20. Rat In A Hole

'Live' Old Canberra Inn 1st December 1987
21. Forgiving
22. New One
23. No Light, No Shadow
24. Can't Forget
Line up Curotta: Guitars
Reimann: Vocals
Alex Wood: Drums
Sean Fonti: Bass