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Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything
‘To me, as someone who is interested in new material, I see a band that’s developing more and more’. Those were my last words in the previous Within Temptation review. Two years later, they are the beginning of this review, and they could be the end as well.
In a recent interview for Dutch national television, the band was asked to describe the music they play. The answer to that question was ‘symphonic rock/metal’, followed by a disagreement when being described as gothic. I think this scene describes the way in which Within Temptation has worked on The Heart Of Everything the best.
On this album, the band has come up with a new package of songs with a few remarkable changes. First of all, Sharon does sing with her own voice a lot. Of course, the high tones are present as well, but the clean singing makes the music a bit more relaxed to listen to. Further, an orchestra has been recorded in Prague to make the songs stronger. And again, the total sound increases in quality.

Song writing-wise, the band seems to step a little bit back from The Silent Force and combines the way of writing on all the albums together, resulting in very positive emotions as well as dark feelings and even dark screaming in ‘The Heart Of Everything’. The result is indeed a symphonic rock/metal album as the band described themselves, with the up-tempo songs, ballads, longer and shorter songs. However, I wouldn’t have labelled the band in this way before.

‘The Howling’ opens with a recognisable sound followed by the current single with Keith Caputo which is not the best song on the album in my opinion. What follows is a darker side of the album with ‘The Solemn Hour’ as the most surprising song with the choir printing the words ‘sanctus espiritus’ in your mind in the cool chorus. Absolute highlight of the album is the seven minute lasting ‘The Truth Beneath The Rose’ where every characteristic of the band is present in its absolute purest form. The song is very well balanced, well structured and so fine to listen to. In my opinion, this song ís Within Temptation. The ballad ‘Forgiven’ at the end is a little misplaced.

All that’s left to say is the first sentence I already wrote so I’ll just end up by mentioning that it’s worth your money. If you’re into symphonic rock/metal of course.
Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything
90/1001Details Sony BMG
Released on Friday Mar 30th, 2007
Symphonic rock/metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Friday Mar 30th, 2007

Tags: #Within Temptation
Tracklisting 1. The Howling
2. What Have You Done
3. Frozen
4. Our Solemn Hour
5. The Heart Of Everything
6. Hand Of Sorrow
7. The Cross
8. Final Destination
9. All I Need
10. The Truth Beneath The Rose
11. Forgiven
Line up Sharon den Adel: vocals
Robert Westerholt: guitars
Ruud Jolie: guitars
Jeroen van Veen: bass
Stephan van Haestregt: drums
Martijn Spierenburg: keybaords