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Deadlock - Wolves
Deadlock is a straight edge band from Germany. They were tagged as metalcore in the past, but like many other acts from their country (e.g. Fear My Thoughts, Neaera) they evolved in a more melodeath-orientated band. But melodic death metal isn’t the only subgenre that has been mixed in Deadlock’s cocktail. Their latest effort Wolves offers a lot more influences which I’ll try to describe below.

The first song after the intro, ‘We Shall All Bleed’ kicks in with an immense brutal melodic death metal sound and the first words: “come on motherfuckers!”. If you weren’t awake already at least you are now! Prem’s growls are really low which create a big contrast when Sabine Weniger comes in to sing her part. This isn’t a bad thing though, cause her high voice is amazingly clean and sounds perfect on the metal that unremitting rages forth.

On the second song, track three of the album, we get introduced to the industrial elements that occur here and there on the album as well. This song is a good follower to ‘We Shall All Bleed’, the same kind of melodeath and the alternate vocals from Prem and Weniger. Then ‘Losers’ Ballet’ starts completely different. An atmospheric classical piano-intro opens up for some kind of black metal-track which reminds me a lot of Dimmu Borgir. The female vocals are now omitted which is a good move cause they’re not getting boring this way.

Another track that suprises me a lot is ‘End Begins’. Starting with what can be described as Deadlock’s measure sound, the song suddenly changes into an electronic track with some melodies and a housebeat! Now I can dig this stuff because I’m into other electronic music as well, but I can understand that some of you metalheads won’t like this at all. No boundaries for Deadlock at least!

Wolves is an excellent produced record containing so many ingredients, from thrashing metal till techno and from heavy solos till the emotional yet peaceful piano-ballad ‘To Where The Skies Are Blue’ were only Weniger appears as vocalist. Deadlock is defenitly a band for the future.
Deadlock - Wolves
88/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Monday Apr 16th, 2007
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Sunday Apr 8th, 2007

Tags: #Deadlock
Tracklisting 01. World Domination
02. We Shall All Bleed
03. Code Of Honor
04. Losers' Ballet
05. Dark Cell
06. Crown Of Creation
07. End Begins
08. As Words To Bullets
09. Praeludium II
10. Bloodpact
11. To Where The Skies Are Blue
Line up Sabine Weniger - Vocals
Johannes Prem - Vocals
Sebastian Reichl – Guitar
Gert Rymen – Guitar
Thomas Huschka – Bass
Tobias Graf - Drums