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Letzte Instanz - Wir Sind Gold
Although pretty popular in Germany, Letzte Instanz [Last Instance] isn’t a famous name here. And that’s actually surprising since they have just released their sixth studio album and have already made a live DVD. Of course, that’s mainly because they only sing in German. At first they hassled with some line-up changes, but since 2005 they have established a strong formation consisting of seven men.
Describing Letzte Instanz' music isn’t an easy thing. Most noticeable are the typical vocals. Raw and heavy German which immediately reminded me of Rammstein. The first two songs ‘Du und Ich’ and ‘Morgenrot’ have a slow and heavy rock feeling to it. I think it is somewhat detrimental for non-German listeners because I immediately felt like singing along but that was pretty much hampered by the language.

The next songs are more epic and the violin and cello become more involved in the music. It’s this part of the record that I like most. The rawness mixed with the orchestral parts made me enjoy these songs and had an impressive “chill”-factor! Then suddenly the record gets a completely different sound with ‘Worte Brennen Gut’. Less epic elements, much more rawness which gives it something close to a nu-metal sound. One thing that really stands out is the perfection of the songs. Independently from how they sound, you can hear that there has been put a lot of effort into it and everything seems to be very well thought through!
Letzte Instanz is a band that deserves more appreciation outside their home country. Maybe if their next album would be sung in English it could be a major outbreak for them. But for now I’m afraid they’ll be bound to stay inside the frontiers. If you like Rammstein, or German hard rock in general definitely buy this record. It will most likely entertain you!
Letzte Instanz - Wir Sind Gold
70/1001Details Drakkar
Released on Friday Mar 23rd, 2007
Gothic Rock

Writer @Peekay on Sunday Apr 8th, 2007

Tags: #Letzte Instanz
Tracklisting 1. Du und Ich
2. Morgenrot
3. Sturmvogel
4. Wir sind allein
5. Komm nie zur�ck
6. Der ewige Kreis
7. Monument der Stille
8. Meine innere Stimme I
9. Worte brennen gut
10. Maskenball
11. Sie kommen
12. Und das Meer...
13. Frei
14. Jeden Abend
15. Mein Ton
16. Meine innere Stimme II
Line up Holly – Vocals
M. Stolz – Violin
B. Cellini – Cello
Oli – Guitar
Holly d. – Guitar
Specki t.d. – Drums
Micha - Bass