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Abramis Brama - Live
If you’re from Sweden, you cannot participate in answering this question. Have you ever heard of Abramis Brama before? Well, not me, that’s for sure. It’s not that I consider myself a musical encyclopedia but this fact keeps me wondering why this band, singing in their own language, has sent their live album to an English based e-zine that is located in the Netherlands.
So, not familiar with the previous nine releases since 1998, that leaves us to the analysis of a good ambience, a technical well performed show and enthusiasm with the crowd. First of all, the combination of stoner and straight forward rock is not that bad at all. Sometimes I can hear similarities with bands like Hermano and even some guitar riffs that look a bit like Rage Against The Machine pass by. Although the band seems to be working a little bit over the top, resulting especially in some bad forced vocals, the vibe of this particular evening is not damaged. However, I think that this album was recorded in a relatively small venue which makes it of course easier to create a good ambience. And this of course says a lot about the qualities of the band.

The thing is, all the characteristics together make me feel like Abramis Brama is the kind of band you get to see when walking by your local pub. The venue is pretty intimate, the band enjoys playing so close to the audience and, what the hell, and nobody cares about the technical availabilities. Cd’s that are being bought are only a reminder of a great evening instead of a unique piece of music. Of course, I encourage bands to do so and for all the fans in Sweden or those who have a fetish for the Swedish rock, this album can be such a reminder. To the rest, a simple ‘don’t buy this one’ will do just fine.
Abramis Brama - Live
No ScoreDetails Record Heaven
Released on Wednesday Apr 18th, 2007

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Apr 18th, 2007

Tags: #Abramis Brama
Tracklisting 1. Svart
2. Vad jag ser
3. Kejsarens nya klader
4. Saler din sjal
5. Nalen
6. Kall som sten
7. Mjolk och honung
8. Bilder
9. Barkbrodslaten/Menn mitt hjarta ska vara gjort av sten
Mamma talar
10. I evighetens nav (bonus studio track)
Line up Per-Olof Andersson: guitar
Dennis Berg: bass, vocals
Fredrik Jansson: drums, percussion
Ulf Torkelsson: vocals, harmonica, percussion