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Broken Dagger - Chain of Command
Sometimes you hear about some men who’ve lost their entire fortune by making the most horrible mistakes on Wall Street ever. You feel sympathy for them, because they somehow relate to your own beliefs but there’s nothing left to do, it’s the way things go. In the music business, it’s almost the same.
The label Record Heaven has been so nice to Broken Dagger to allow them to record their own album. ‘Hey guys, we’ve got a record deal!’ ‘No freaking way, which one?’ ‘It’s Record Heaven, they say we can start next week with recording Chain of Command’.' And it became a long, awesome night for Broken Dagger.

Unfortunately, all the relatives of the band could only be happy for their musically talented guys, although sometimes the question of ‘should we tell them?’ seemed to rise. The power/speed metal with atmospheric influences was sometimes nice to see live but witnessing half the crowd laughing hard, wondering what they were watching while the band was so much in trance that they couldn’t notice, made the relatives wonder. They all saw the front man singing with every inch of his body but it just sounded horrible. The crowd was right, the cliché changes in music, the quasi-ballads, the heavy riffs that weren’t actually heavy and the awful vocals of someone who’s trying so hard with so little talent made them realize that they didn’t want the band to hit the bigger stages.

So, they sent this album in promotional versions to magazines and e-zines all around the world, as a subtle hint to the band. They were sure that compared to the hundreds of albums that were released each year, Chain of Command wouldn’t even be worth mentioning. And so it happened to be that CarpeSiem accepted the advice and made a little story of it, making sure that no one who has read the review would pay attention to Broken Dagger anymore. Hopefully Record Heaven will survive but having signed these kinds of bands, I’m not so sure.

After a while the reviews were written and the band started to read them. ‘What, this…this can’t be. How…, did everyone listen closely to the album or what? I don’t understand?’ And that’s when the relatives come in again. They see their close friends; or family members shocked and start to walk towards to them, ending in a very lovely hug. ‘They’re all jerks! They’re all freaking jerks!’ ‘Yes they are, but don’t bother. We still love you’
‘They’re jerks’.
Broken Dagger - Chain of Command
20/1001Details Record Heaven
Released on Tuesday Apr 24th, 2007
Speed/power metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Apr 24th, 2007

Tags: #Broken Dagger
Tracklisting 1. An Unwanted Child
2. The Black Lotus
3. Rogaar Beware
4. Story Of A Wicked Mind
5. He Will Die
6. Fire Within
7. Royal Deathlist
8. Vicious Light
9. The End Of Hope
10. E.B.E.N
Line up Niklas Olausson: Vocals
Magnus Wohlfart: Guitars
William Ekeberg: Bass
Urban M´┐Żnsby: Keyboards
Jeremy Child: Drums