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Rebellion - Miklagard - History Of The Vikings Part II
More and more bands seem to be inspired by the world of the Vikings. Although Rebellion has been working on the history of these people for seven years, it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that this release came in my mailbox at this moment in time.
Don’t be misled by the fact that this album is about Vikings. The black metal influences that are normally used for this kind of music are not present. Instead, Rebellion represents traditional heavy/melodic metal with a lot of double bass action and some fast strumming on power chords with an easy-to-listen-to guitar solo 

And this way of songwriting is actually worked out in a pretty decent way. Although not very original (for instance, the interlude on ‘On The Edge Of Life’ seems to be originating directly from ‘Heaven Can Wait’ by Iron Maiden) the band seems to be able to know how to compose songs with a logical connection between start and the end without loosing the essentials of creating strong vocal lines within the choruses. Actually, this album is the kind of album you’ll be interested in when hearing one of those choruses. You get to hear it in your cd store or as a supporting act and start to wonder what the band has to offer besides these catchy tunes.

Unfortunately, I’d say that the rest is interesting for a few people only. First of all, the lyrics are very much to the point (From the land of Sweden they came…) which makes you feel like you’re reading a book over and over again. And secondly, it’s so much the same; an intro, a verse, a chorus, double bass etc… which proves the idea of seeing this band as a support act instead as a headliner. 

It may seem a little hard, but for the fan of this genre there is still much pleasure on the album. And what the heck, with songs like ‘God Of Thunder’ and ‘Our Backs To The Wind’ I might even play this album another time while keeping an eye on their tour schedule.
Rebellion - Miklagard - History Of The Vikings Part II
72/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Monday Apr 30th, 2007
Heavy Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Apr 30th, 2007

Tags: #Rebellion
Tracklisting 1. Vi seglar mot Miklagard
2. Sweden
3. Free
4. On The Edge Of Life
5. Ulfberth
6. The Rus
7. Kiew
8. Aifur
9. Taste Of Steel
10. God Of Thunder
11. Our Backs To The Wind
12. Miklagard
13. The Uprising
Line up Gerd L�cking: Drums
Tomi G�ttlich: Bass
Michael Seifert: Vocals
Simone Wenzel: Guitar
Uwe Lulis: Guitar