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Marduk - Rom 5:12
At the time I started listening black metal, some bands were essential for the cd-collection. Bands like Immortal, Emperor, Satyricon, Mayhem and of course Marduk. After their formation in 1990 Marduk now release their 10th studio album, Rom 5:12.

The first Marduk albums I had in my collection were 'Heaven Shall Burn…When We Are Gathered' and 'Panzer Division Marduk'. I really liked the first one, and I still do. Back then the music and the production were very raw. During their existence of 17 years, Marduk had some line-up changes, but also the music was changing. In the early days it was all about high speed, but on 'Plague Angel'  for instance they created room for slower songs, and more progression, but without losing the aggression. But not al fans were pleased with that album.

Now Marduk went partly back to their roots with Rom 5:12, an album with a huge amount of variation. 'The Levelling Dust' is the opener, and with this song Marduk wants to let us know they're back. A very aggressive, but also groovy riff grabs your attention immediately. It's also very clear they chose for a very bright production with a very good balance for the instruments. Something I really like is the very clear bass guitar. 'Cold Mouth Prayer' is for the old school high-speed blasting fans. I really like this song because of the great drive, it never stops spreading aggressive energy.

But then there is ´Imago Mortis', which is totally different. A slow/mid tempo song with a lot of depression in it. Vocalist Mortuus really did a great job on this song, by spreading his hateful vocals in a way it gives me shivers. Then there is my favourite of Rom 5:12, 'Through the belly Of Damnation' a song which exists of pure blasting aggression. It has a great breakdown with a short bass-lick, which changes back into the furious blasts. And if you like this description, you'll like 'Limbs Of Worship' as well.

'Accuser/Opposer', is a song with a very nice surprise: Clean vocals. And not just some clean vocals, but vocals by Alan Averill of Primordial, that fit the pumping low-tempo song very well.

Fans of blasts will like this album. More songs with crushing blasts are 'Vanity Of Vanities' and 'Voices From Avignon'. But you'll also hear a very nice dramatic and melancholic creation in 'Womb Of Perishableness'. Marduk-fans can add Rom 5:12 to their cd-collection blindly, any other fan of this genre should check this one out.
Marduk - Rom 5:12
84/1001Details Regain Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 24th, 2007
Black metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday May 9th, 2007

Tags: #Marduk
Tracklisting 1. The levelling dust
2. Could mouth prayer
3. Imago mortis
4. Through the belly of damnation
5. 1651
6. Limbs of worship
7. Accuser / Opposer
8. Vanity of vanities
9. Womb of perishableness
10. Voices from Avignon
Line up Morgan Steinmeyer Hakansson – guitars
Devo Andersson – bass
Mortuus – vocals
Emil Dragutinovic – drums
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