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Marduk, Vader, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Ordher - Funeral Nation Tour
The Marduk/Vader co-headline tour going by the name of Funeral Nation Tour should originally take place in 013’s main hall, but only days before the actual date they moved the program to the smaller hall of the venue. This caused a more cosy and intimate show (plus point), but the fact that the small hall was quickly sold out didn’t made everybody happy. Some visitors had to wait outside for people that left earlier so they could get in.

I was quite delighted in seeing Brazilian death metal band The Ordher, since they are signed to quality label Unique Leader Records. Unfortunately it turned out to be a deception. When I entered the hall during their first song the bass guitar wasn’t audible at all. A couple songs later the bass even broke down and the band had to stop for technical maintenance which slowed down their set. After a while the band continued without bass, but they still operated as a trio (the bassist did vocals as well). The sound became really slight layered. Even when the bass guitar was fixed again they couldn’t convince me, although their drummer was very skilled and extremely tight. I think this band just has to tour some more and maybe have to add a second guitarist for more brutality. (Mindsaver)

Up next was Fleshgod Apocalypse from Italy. After seeing them at Death Feast Open Air this year, I was wondering whether the band could reproduce their extremely tight sound on record in a venue that’s supposed to have a decent sound. It turned out to be a no. It seems to be impossible to sound original live, while they actually do bring something new on CD. Their classical samples as intermezzo’s are a funny thought but quite ridiculous live and their speeded death metal becomes too monotone and can be compared with too many other bands in the genre. An At The Gates cover with more blastbeats than the original does not change that. Drummer Paolo, who took over drum duties not even a year ago, is a talented drummer but still has to practice his long-lasting double bassdrum parts. It would also be better if he’d put some more power in his play, instead of for example just touching the cymbals. No, do not expect to see the Fleshgod you know from record live. (Mindsaver)

For me this was the seventh time to witness Polish death metallers Vader. After written several positive live reviews about them, I become more and more critical by each gig I attend. Today’s show might be the worst I’ve seen from them. The sound was unfortunately weak, but most of all the lack of energy parted me. For more than 20 years does this band play the same style of metal and the shortage of renewal even made me walk away before the end of the show. After hearing a set with some songs from their first album The Ultimate Incantation, and stuff like the groovy “Xeper”, “This Is The War”, “ShadowFear” and of course material from their recently released Necropolis, I think it would be better for the band to not tour this frequently anymore, making the next Vader show more unique. Otherwise I just have to skip a couple... (Mindsaver)

Those who have seen Marduk know what to expect. The Swedish black metal band has been running for almost twenty years now, and it shows in their routine. Skilled tight musicians that play semi-commercial black metal, in top condition. This night was no exception, Mardukblazed a devastating set unto a willing crowd, and it was actually the first show this evening where I heard a real decent sound. The band played a selection of songs from their latest album Wormwood combined with their older material. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the band, nor am I a huge fan of black metal, but it is because of bands like this I’m starting to get more interested in the genre. Enough bullshit, Mardukcame to do what they always do. Blow away the audience with some furious Satanism, and that is exactly what they did. Nothing less, nothing more! (DemonDust)