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Evocation - Tales From The Tomb
In the early nineties Evocation was in the frontlines of the so called oldschool death metal scene. Sadly enough they broke up in 1993 and several band members showed up in several other bands like Cemetary, Sundown, and Lake Of Tears. 3 years ago the original demos of Evocation were released on CD and it was probably also the time old friendships were renewed and Evocation came back together. A fact they celebrate with a new album called Tales From The Tomb
Tales From The Tomb starts where the previous album has ended; brutal oldschool death metal in the style of Dismember and Grave. Comparing Evocation with these two bands makes it clear that Evocation has one disadvantage. The sound of Evocation has not enough face of its own. Of course this doesn’t mean the album sucks big time but it’s just not enough to rise above the rest. Although I have to say there are some great songs on this album. ‘Blessed Upon The Altar’, ‘The Dead’ and ‘Veils Were Blown’ are all great songs with a great vibe.
Production wise the album sounds good but nothing more than that. I just miss the click that’s so important with the production of an album. It just sounds too smooth like they played too much on safe. Sometimes it’s good to let it all go. In this case it wouldn’t have done any damage to the album if it all sounded a bit rougher. Just to contribute to the raw atmosphere of the band.
For the fans of Evocation Tales From The Tomb is probably a dream that came true, but for the average metalhead it’s not a must have album. Due to the mediocrity of the album this comeback is probably not so successful as Evocation would have imagined. Maybe I’m wrong and is there more to come, but they do have to convince me then with their next album.
Evocation - Tales From The Tomb
65/1001Details Cyclone Empire
Released on Thursday May 10th, 2007
Death Metal

Writer @Niamen on Thursday May 17th, 2007

Tags: #Evocation
Tracklisting 01. Eternal lie
02. The dead
03. Chronic hell
04. Greed
05. From Menace to Mayhem
06. Blessed upon the altar
07. Feed the fire
08. The symbols of sins
09. Phase of fear
10. Veils were blown
11. But life goes on
12. The more we bleed
Line up Thomas Josefsson – Vocals
Vesa Kentt�kumpu – Guitars
Marko Palm�n – Guitars
Martin Toresson – Bass
Janne K. Bod�n – Drums
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